Lost Trail ‎– Pages From The Alamance Hymnal, 2011​-​2013

CDr, Compilation


01 The Waves Fade Away 3:39
02 From The Sky To The Center 7:41
03 Spiritual Warfare/Fuck Satan 3:19
04 Distant Sprawl Halogens And Snow On Car Windshields 3:47
04 The Open House Murders 3:51
06 White Balance 3:30
07 Dark Ice Median 5:15
08 Out Here The Maps Go White And Pale 4:01
09 Accompaniment For Film Four: Ghosts 12:32
10 White Faces Grayed Out 4:25
11 Snow Tires 4:54
12 Missing Children, Not Pictured 5:31
13 Void And Waste (Gated Communities And Ghost Boxes) 3:28
14 Devil's Triangle At Prospect Hill 4:13
15 Brick-Hauling Horses At Rest 3:12


Handmade Compact Disc Edition - Card Gatefold Sleeve

We're proud to offer a handmade CD-R edition of this compilation. It will be made to be order with recycled cardboard and hand stamping, typeface, as well as a few other surprises. Also included will be a new piece recorded specifically for your order, and which will be released nowhere else. Each edition will be a unique entity all its own. We will continue to provide this special order as long as there's demand.