Lothar & Matthew ‎– Constant Sorrow EP

Wrong Records (2) ‎– none
4 × File, MP3, EP, Reissue


1 Constant Sorrow 1:49
2 Ocho Nacho 3:47
3 Message Of Communism 6:41
4 Arise Till The End 10:53


The Constant Sorrow EP was originally slated to be Lothar & Matthew's debut 12" vinyl release. The tracks were recorded and sent to Czech Republic's upstart Shirtcollar Records. The label was able to press an initial 500 copies but twin tragedies struck. Back home, Lothar & Matthew experienced hard drive failure and lost their master copies. Meanwhile, the offices of Shirtcollar caught on fire and all the label's computers and vinyl were destroyed in the blaze. Until March 2009, Lothar & Matthew chalked up the botched release to extreme bad luck while Shirtcollar went bankrupt due to the fire. However, the label owner's brother had taken one copy of Constant Sorrow home to see what his sibling's label would be releasing and it was discovered that he owned the sole copy of the EP in existence. Painstaking efforts were undertaken to transfer the vinyl to digital format. The piece of vinyl unfortunately had met up with the toddler nephew of the Shirtcollar's owner and the recordings have a considerable amount of noise. It has been reduced to a minimum as much as possible to the point where Lothar & Matthew felt comfortable in issuing their debut as a free web release.