Lothar & Matthew ‎– The Puffin Has Spoken

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5 × File, MP3, EP


1 Loll 4:58
2 Anomie 3:45
3 Solatium 4:48
4 Tawdry 4:46
5 Fusty 4:51


The Puffin Has Spoken...
...And judgement has been passed down upon the swan

I've had this album title and artwork sitting around since 2009. In fact, the original photo was taken by me in 2006 somewhere in downtown Seattle. I had uploaded it to Flickr with that caption, which probably amuses me more than others.

I've had three different attempts to come up with a batch of songs that would be released as The Puffin Has Spoken but frankly those songs need to be buried on my computer's hard drive as deeply as possible.

Meanwhile, last fall I started listening to a lot more shoegazer influenced post rock and black metal. The walls of feedback and distortion are rather appealing to my ears, so these five tracks are the result of that particular listening influence, despite the fact that this really isn't shoegazer at all. Or black metal.