Louis Hjulmand, Bent Axen, Alex Riel, Benny Nielsen ‎– Jazz Og Poesi

Vinyl, LP, 10"


1 Til Comeda
2 New Salesburg (Poem by Robert Corydon)
3 Opbrud
4 Turistplakat (Poem by Jorgen Sonne )
5 Turistplakat (Music)
6 Tre Koncepter (Poem by Jørgen Gustava Brandt)
7 Tre Koncepter (Music)
8 Aldring (Poem by Klaus Rifbjerg)
9 Ave Bayway (Music)
10 Forarsrefrain (Poem by Jørgen Leth)
11 Forarsrefrain (Music)



What jazz music and verse recitation may have to do with each other may be another strange question for the majority.
However, it has been proven that the jazz musician and the reciting poet can complement each other and during this hot and concentrated encounter between the two art forms, we see the emergence of a festive and dangerous phenomenon: jazz and poetry. Modern jazz and modern poetry has in many ways the modern urban world as common source of inspiration, its many phenomena of sounds, rhythms, images, and both arts seek it pithy, powerful and direct expression. One can say that jazz and poetry are on speaking terms with each other.
This record lets us hear what jazz musician and composer Louis Hjulman and five Danish poets have gained from the cooperation. They have chosen poems with some similarities in the motive, our contemporary city.
With poets Robert Corydon, Jorgen Sonne, Klaus Rifbjerg, Jørgen Gustava Brandt and Jørgen Leth, we see the impression of the United States, Spain, Paris and Warsaw, Hjulmand has composed new music for each poem.

Louis Hjulmand (Vibraphone); Axel Riel (Drum); Bent Axen (Piano); Benny Nielsen (Bass);
Robert Corydon, Jorgen Sonne, Klaus Rifbjerg, Jørgen Gustava Brandt and Jørgen Leth (Poems)
All compositions by Louis Hjulmand