Love Songs ‎– Behind Enemy Lines In G# Minor

625 Thrashcore ‎– 625#184, Wajlemac Records ‎– WAJ-002, New Disorder Records ‎– ND38, Läjä Records ‎– LAJA052
CD, Album


1 Overture 1:31
2 Hot List 2:43
3 Doodie Movies And Mick Mucus 1:32
4 High Speed Internet Tango 0:29
5 Sweet-Talked 1:32
6 You Have No Idea 2:16
7 Backstory 2:39
8 Underture 1:21
9 That's Why They Change The Lockes When You're Fired 2:46
10 Unsent Letters 1:48
11 Behind Enemy Lines 3:19
12 Hidden Track 0:04



Alberto Plebe is as sexy as he is helpful and supportive. He also played trompeta on “Hot List”. Carolyn van Lydegraf played the piano on “Backstory” and she appears courtesy of Raj who drove her down from Reno. Jason Newsted does not play bass on tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, or the entire “...And Justice For All” album but his phone number did provide the busy signal at the end of track 8. Jethro Wall drew all the comics because he has a soft spot for sissies like us. Jackson drew the front cover and Bradley laid it all out while Seth fixed the van and Craigums mixed. Recorded by us in the Dutch Oven throughout 2005. Mastered at Mr. Toad’s. Seth photo by Ernst.
© Love Songs 2006, Music of MANVILLE/ASSCRAP.