Low Entropy ‎– the c8​.​com demo CD​-​R

16 × File, FLAC, Album


text from the release note:

in 1999 i sent a demo CD-R to stevvi of c8.com. back then, this website was the central point not only for the internet side of the experimental hardcore scene, but also the physical. a focal point for the emerging hardcore, breakcore, experimental scenes - that led later to such offshoots as industrial hardcore, frenchcore or crossbreed.
i hoped that stevvi might feature 1 or 2 tracks of the CD-R on his site; instead he put all of it online.
word of mouth spread, and i got some more requests by labels to send them the same CD-R, aswell as sending out more on my own initiative. in the end, this led to the releases on praxis records, widerstand records, kougai, aswell as several compilation entries.
stylistically, this CD-R was more or less the endpoint of my first phase of doing music, the experimental period.
it is by far the most complex and "thought out" stuff i did back then. maybe even more so than my current music. afterwards if focused on much simpler and basic music - as i deemed it more "effective" back then.
okay, so this was this demo; lost in time, only leftover in the releases that spawned it. so i thought. but in the late 2000s i noticed this demo was still copied and shared anew by a lot of people; and even now so.
i think i never had a concept which of music is good or bad or good produced or not and such. but if there is still a demand, maybe it has its merits? so i decided to put it online again. here we go. enjoy!