Lu Wei 盧葦 ‎– 台11線-卡片教堂的鐘聲 Highway No.11 -Die Glocke Der Kartenkirche

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1 卡片教堂(豎琴獨奏) 3:21
2 比西里岸 4:45
3 AMISS在跳舞 2:45
4 田邊先生(豎琴五重奏) 4:20
5 白蝴蝶(長笛豎笛二重奏) 2:16
6 田邊先生(長笛獨奏) 4:50
7 走路天使 1:37
8 卡片教堂(小提琴四重奏) 2:43
9 蘆葦(小提琴大提琴二重奏) 2:53
10 小豐田村(大提琴獨奏) 4:32
11 浪煙(豎琴三重奏) 4:46
12 白蝴蝶(豎琴三重奏) 2:19
13 小豐田村(長笛三重奏) 4:25
14 蘆葦(長笛獨奏) 3:20


Product Barcode: 4717954161164
Record Number:LULU1001

A chance encounter, from the success of Taitung County town of Lu Wei girl, 15, went to Europe before coming Austria embark on another journey to learn a piece of music for the film "tumbler amazing journey" and write music,
The first creation on their imaginations and delicate feelings, giving the characters vivid personality, but also more open her first creation continue to note outlines simple, touching story home of tribal scenes and characters.

<White Butterfly> dedicated lifelong dedication to the east coast of Taiwan nuns Ge Yuxia;
<Than the West coast> take us back to the coast of the Kuroshio's seen little fishing boat; and <Cards Church> tells a simple belief because the Amis youth dedication built into the lovely church, <Tanabe> will have to give movie the old children's book writer .......

Arranger cum harpist Zhe fine arts elaborate, Zhe Yi, Lin Tianji, Ouyang Hui Ru, Zhang Hao and Xu Ming was Taiwan's top performer moving interpretation to participate Lu Wei tour wonderful musical journey, once again visit the East Coast, this listening experience land and sea in order to nurture a better tone.

This album has been Nominated also won THE 25th Golden Melody Awards [Best Album Packing Design]
Graphics: Xiao Qing-Yang