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A1 This Is A Spring 1940 German Broadcast Announcing The Collapse Of British And French Forces On The Western Front 0:56
A2 Red Sky At Night: The Luftwaffe Bombing From The Blackness Of The Sky Turning It Crimson 4:01
A3 Translated By A Foreign Ministry Interprefer From A 1940 Speech. Hitler Says, "If Our Will Is Strong Enough, Then Nothing Can Fail! Germany, Sieg Heil!" 0:22
A4 Nachtjagdgeschwader (Doom From The Dark): The German Night Air Raid Squadron 3:21
A5 German Ministry Of Propaganda Translators Narrate An Assembled Crowd Singing "Deutschland Über Alles" And "The Horst Wessel Song", Immediately Following Hitler's Kroll Opera House Speech The Day He Announced The Invasion Of Poland 1:00
A6 Sieg! Sieg! Sieg!: The Fuhrer Speaking In Front Of His People Promising Victory And Greatness 3:50
A7 From A 1933 Speech, Hitler Forcefully States. "The Most Precious Thing That Exists The Whole World Over Is Our Own People. And For These People, I Shall Struggle And I Shall Fight, And Never Slacken, And Never Tire, And Never Falter, And Never Doubt." 0:25
A8 Welcome To London: Imagine Strolling In Streets Of London On A Stormy Night In London In The Early 1940s 2:11
A9 The End Is Near: Fear And Sadness Creep In 2:25
B1 Again From The 1933 Speech, Hitler Says, ""Long Live Our Movement! Long Live Our German People!" 0:06
B2 DAK (Enigma Of The Sphinx): This Song Is About Rommel And The Deutsches Afrika Korps 6:01
B3 Battle, Fire, Earth: All Hell Breaks Lose Then You Die! 5:18
B4 A BBC Radiobroadcast Announcing The American 1st Army Has Crossed The Rhine. The Date Is March 8, 1945 0:20
B5 Flight Of The Mustang Under The Grim Moonlight: Imagine You Are A German Soldier Guarding A Bridge During The Night. All Is Quiet Except From The Sounds Of Nature. Suddenly You Hear A Faint Rumble In The Distant Black Sky. As The Noise Approaches, You Recognize What It Is And Realize You Are About To Die 0:52
B6 Reporting Is Wyford Vaughn - Thomas Who Records His Live Report During The Bombing Of British Positions In Anzio By German Bombers 0:56
B7 A Summer Night In Berlin: Imagine Enjoying A Peaceful Refreshing Late Spring Night In A Berlin Cafe 2:38
B8 Thomas Cadett Reports For The BBC On The Terrible Devastation Of Berlin. The Date Is May, 1945 1:37
B9 The Eternal Grace Of Suffering: War Is Hell 2:40
B10 A Radio Announcement That Hitler Is Dead 0:41


  • Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, VocalsWarharan
  • Producer, Music ByWarharan


Message from Warharan:
I first want to say that Luftwaffe Raid is neithe a political band nor a band with any message. It is based solely on history. As a fan of WW2, I have chosen to concentrate on Nazi Germany, because let's face it, it is a very interesting subject. This is shown in our society today with the numerous movies, books and video games on the subject. Unfortunately many of the facts we are presented with today are biased. I am not trying to give any opinion on this album but only to portray the atmosphere and darkness of the era. As chaotic and ominous World War 2 was, I try to portray that in the music.

With that aside, let me give a bit of information about this album. "Empire" is based on Nazi Germany during WW2. Think of it as a musical journey. I have added news clips, speeches, and sound FXs to heighten the listening experience. There are no real lyrics, mostly just random words and phrases. For the first time listening, I recommend playing this album from the beginning to the end in a dark room with headphones. Enjoy.

All music written and produced by Warharan during the Autumn & Winter months, 57 years after the end of WW2 in Europe.

All broadcasts researched and compiled by Warharan.

Tracks 8 & 14 and parts of tracks 1 & 11 are original sound FX / atmosphere tracks created by Warharan.

"Empire" was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Flugzeughangar and produced by Warharan.

All music is the copyright of Luftwaffe Raid.

Thanks and hello to:
Chris Of Infernal Hatred, Total Holocaust Records, and Xasthur.

Limited to 666 copies.

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