MC 01 ‎– An Object In Motion

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1997-2001 Recordings by MC01 & Pacifiq Macks / Underground Poet Society

" We're lose'n
The control of hip-hop culture and music is being taken over by outsiders. In order to preserve our way of life, we must breathe life into the phrase "keep it real". Since the beginning the streets, The culture dictated styles of behavior, dress, music and thinking. Now label people, fake ass artists and other outsiders using money as a weapon tell us what is cool, reale, wehaet wants to be heard and too much of the time dictacte what will be successful.

These people never, beatboxed, rhymed, made beats on walls and tables, never belonged to a graffiti cru, can't break dance, didn't get called thugs/lowlifes for saggin, use'n slang, and for their hair. They're not only make'n money out of our blood sweat and tears, they're now telling us how to bleed, sweat and cry ... feel me ? "We need some'n that sounds like ... " "Got some'n radio ready..." "That hook is too complicated" If bullshit like that sounds familiar, you feel me.

Mc's and producers are breaking the most sacred laws of culture everyday. Bite'n rhyme styles, beats (beat bite'n has truly gone too dam far), segregation from the DJ, B-Boy, Graffiti Artists and break dancers, has damaged the whole culture and created a false picture of what hip hop is.

We need to take our shit back ... so fuck, five mics, awards and all those who pose as hip-hop authorities, they're on the outside looking in. Live your life. Do yo shit the way u want it done ( however you can )...

This album was done how it was done in direct prottest of what outsiders say needs to be done to make a tight hip-hop album...
B-Boys and Queens this shit is 4 u not for them. Critic, From outside my culture, u don't and never will understand tihs, so eat a dick and keep ya opinion to ya self. Hip hop is a culture, a way of life, rap is its music .... "

The Pacific Macks are: Kev Choice , Excite , The Sahdes aka Shade The Brouss, Sic-one ,