MC Murph ‎– Artistic Apocalypse

NQuit ‎– NQ003


1 "Advisory" Intro
2 Magnetic Poetry
3 Disappear
4 "Enemies" Intro
5 Rule Rope
6 You Took Something Away From Me
7 Interlude 1 (That Death Cat)
8 Rest Or Relax
9 Artistic Apocalypse
10 Banetai
11 Majority Of Men
12 Interlude 2 (Jumpin' Jack)
13 The Pair
14 Quietly Manic
15 Artistic Apocalypse (Zen Row Your Boat Mix)
16 Interlude 3 (One In A Million Chance)
17 Austin Nights
18 Steam
19 Whinerz


The second full length album by M.C. Murph. With even more variety and eclectic influences than his first, Martyrs And Heroes, Artistic Apocalypse is a hip-hop/rap album different than any other.
Some of what the press has said about M.C. Murph:
I was just about to give up hope. The last twenty hip hop and rap albums I had received were annoying...Along comes M.C. Murph to the rescue! His music is ethereal and penetrating, his messages are positive, and his lyrics seem to be about the world around him (as opposed to the world as it WORSHIPS him, which is the angle most acts come from now). Melodic singing is juxtaposed with some of the most rhythmically complex rapping to come along since The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphopricy...
-DJ Johnson, Cosmik Debris