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Vinyl, 12", EP


Published by G.N.S. Music



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June 28, 2010
edited over 8 years ago

Three pretty good hardcore/acid stompers in the form of 'Bango', 'Override' and 'Acid Sick' (which is the best of those three). However, the absolute jewel in this collection is the impossibly fearsome 'Loosin' My Mind'.

A masterpiece of acid hardcore, the track starts off good and angry with a heavy bassline which is then given a new level of menace by a deep synth which makes you a bit shivery... You can't escape the feeling that all is not well as a crazy little drumroll brings in the beat, which is totally manic. The feeling of unease is sharpened by an impossibly dark and evil 303 breakdown that starts to knaw away at your head as soon as it starts... Just as you get used to this mindboggling sound, the 303 breaks down again, and again into a mental acid warp that just melts your brain. The whole tune is interspersed with what sounds like a public address announcement, with a guy proclaiming that he's "loosin' my mind... loosin' my mind"

This is hardcore of the highest order... Played by the Music Maker at Phobia in Leeds 1993, 'Loosin' My Mind' absolutely rocked the sh*t out of the place - the crowd went mental for it; which just goes to show how powerful acid can be - because this tune is purely and simply the sound of a bad trip. If asked for one word to describe, I'd say 'malevolent'

The video uploaded by Konstantin0s on YouTube has the tune pitched far too low, it needs to be finished by around 4:40 - 4:50.
Get your hands on a copy and listen late at night, stoned, with cans on... Shattering!