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Vinyl, 10", Single Sided




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June 21, 2012
edited over 3 years ago
Many of these RZ releases have France as country of origin listed on discogs, but this is just where MPO pressing plant is. I don't think any real misleading was intended.The MC who introduces him sounds uncannily like Chris Tarrant (UK quiz host from'Tiswas'). It isn't him, though.


September 1, 2007
edited over 11 years ago

This is a contemporary acid house track somewhat questionably masquerading as a classic Chicago one. The label design is an obvious nod to Trax, and they even went so far as to hand-etch "RELEASE DATE: MARCH 1988" in the runoff groove. It's "distributed" by "Chicago Records," which has an office on "2 ST PLACE," of all places. Hmm, never been there!

The 303 (or more likely, 303 emulation) is resonant and squelchy, which gives the track some rawness, although not to the point of convincing me it's a true '88 track. There's also a long, washy, heavily DSP'd sample of what sounds to be a British Green Party member giving a speech about marijuana. That kind of works against the authenticity as far as being a true Chicago homage.

I was almost duped with this one. Good thing I have a sense of humor. The blank side will have the honor of meeting my stylus whenever I need to balance my tonearm.