M.O.T.T.* / OΦANIM* ‎– The Source Of Degeneration

TIC ‎– TIC 004
CDr, Mini-Album, Limited Edition


Limited edition on Pro-CDR: 200 copies.

The CD comes in a regular clear jewel case with a joint cover card, a cover card for M.O.T.T. and a cover card for Ofamin (OΦANIM).

The greek titles translated are:
"Depraved Requiem I+II" and "Algolagnia".

The title and the music of this mini cd are not representing neither Fascistism nor Fascisti but only for the aim of annotating the original idea-power. The human world is full of the thirst to conquest and power throughout all its existence. From my point of view, no other than such thirst originates the degeneration and the perdition of our humans. At the same time, this mini cd is dedicated to the musician MZ 412, which is most respected by me."

The title and the pictures of this mini cd could cause your erection, however, the erotic implication is not the only thing that I expected you to get from it. Along with the what is called rapid physical and mental development of the modern society, the desire to the enjoyment of human had become more and more extreme. Sultriness is one of the most remarkable character of such desire.From those people who are dying for the enjoyment of the climax, I saw the omen of the degeneration and perdition of our human beings."

The main credits where taken from the main cover card of this split release, with "OΦANIM" credited. The index tracks were credited as given on the individual cover cards of each project. Same goes to the credits of the tracks of "OΦANIM".
The backcover indicates a 2006 credit, but the official release date was January first 2007 according to the labels website/forum.