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Venue: Insula Music
Copenhagen, Denmark



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November 11, 2010
MV & EE with Mick Flower
Heroine No Cat

Mellow set from the trio of Matthew Valentine, Erika Elder and Michael Flower from the final night of the "Steal Yr Slice" tour from Copenhagen. Played in the Insula Music Shop the cover snap sets the vibe perfectly with the players mainly sitting on the ground with the shelves of vinyl slightly out of focus in the background. It was always possible that this Heroine release would be overshadowed slightly by dropping at the same time as the epic I Left My Wallet In The Trossachs show. However, to discount this as 'for completists only' would be to overlook what is a great set. Really interesting also to compare what is the first and last nights of the "Steal Yr Slice" tour. I heard this set described as a bit more 'up close and personal' which is partly true but it does have some fairly smashed moments as well. MV refers to this as his Redemption set and there is a really happy vibe and feel good factor to this show which partly comes across in the playing.

One of the highlights of the shows on this tour was the version of "Satisfied" and the rendition of it on the opening of this set is no different. Beautiful lucid guitar playing, again the sound quality is very good but with the vocals a bit more distant in the mix mirroring the hazy cover snap. Some of the guitar solos are so laden in compression they almost sound like electronic FX from an oscillator. This segues into "Tea Devil" which is a slightly shorter and radically different version from the Subcurrent show. Less dominating is the swamplike Mississippi blues infused bassline throughout, in fact, one of the highlights of this version is where the bass is playing a simple two note bassline, only an octave apart, which is reminiscent of some of the early Pink Floyd instrumentals from "Saucerful..." era with the guitar here playing some lovely waves of transcending chords over the top. There is still some wailing guitar towards the end as well as more of that backward tape-looped guitar, the combination of both which sounds great. Another highlight of the set is the version of "Environments". Like all of the versions on this tour, still raga sounding but a bit more trashed with some of the previous gentle sitar-sounding meanderings now being replaced by wild flurries of notes. At times it is as if they are mimicking Coltrane in the same way the Byrds tried to mimic the valves of the sax at the start of "Eight Miles High". The other tracks on the set such as "The Hungry Stones", "Drone Trailer" and "Feelin' Fine" are much more song based and do have that more up close and personal feeling. The combination of the two approaches makes this a balanced set and thoroughly enjoyable. Overall a set which runs: "Intro Rap", "Satisfied" into "Tea Devil", "The Hungry Stones", "Harp Hair Performance Art", "Environments", "Product Placement Rap" and finally "Drone Trailer" into "Feelin' Fine". Throughout there are some strange background noises such as opening doors and kids voices as if part of a field recording, as well as some hilarious between song raps from MV which are now becoming customary on these shows. All of this adds to the intimate atmosphere. Highly recommended. – Andrew Ross Volcanic Tongue