Magthea & Seiei Jack ‎– Apocalypse Project / The Joke Project 1985-86

TJP Distribution ‎– JOKE 022

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A01 Magthea & Seiei Jack Swing Low Jack
Vocals – Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl
A02 Magthea & Seiei Jack Love Is Blind
Vocals – Doh Matsuura
A03 Magthea & Seiei Jack Investing In Art
Vocals – Del Hoeft
A04 Magthea & Seiei Jack x x x x x( Untitled )
Noise – Comando Bruno
A05 Magthea & Seiei Jack Untitled
Bass – Casette Mythos, Nocto Vision
A06 Magthea & Seiei Jack Voglio Una Donna
Vocals – Het Zweet
A07 Magthea & Seiei Jack Half Half Gig
Noise – KPO
A08 Magthea & Seiei Jack Untitled
Noise – Comando Bruno
B01 Magthea & Seiei Jack Apocalipse Horrah Hurrah
Vocals – Carola (4), Zanstones
B02 Magthea & Seiei Jack GGHH HHHhh i i i i i i i i WX PP Q
Piano – Tetsuya Fukui
B03 Magthea & Seiei Jack Untitled
Featuring – Carola (4), Zanstones
B04 Magthea & Seiei Jack Death Mix
Featuring – Masao Moriyama
B05 Magthea & Seiei Jack The Apocalypse A Go Go From My Part
Saxophone – Vittore Baroni
B06 Magthea & Seiei Jack TJP For Apolyca
Bass – Nocto VisionFeaturing – A.D. Dürer, Het Zweet, If, Bwana, Matias, Mr. Zan, P. Machine, Solomonoff & Von HoffmannstahlGuitar – Mans Hate*Noise – Comando Bruno, KPO, Steve PerkinsSaxophone – Vittore BaroniVocals – Cassette Mythos, Cat Fish, Doh Matsuura, Masso MoriyamaVoice [Laughter] – Bloody Tin
B07 Magthea & Seiei Jack Untitled
Featuring – Psychodrama
B08 Magthea & Seiei Jack Life Is A Joke
Guitar, Vocals – Nikki Hills
B09 Magthea & Seiei Jack Untitled
Noise – Jun Kurosawa
B10 Seiei Jack Death


Another world soundwork from the infamous Seiei Jack, featuring contributions from JPN, US, SPAIN, ITALY, and HOLLAND, each mixed with a basic percussion/
keyboard track by Seiei Jack and Magthea, which gives the impression of listning
to 17 versions of the same song, for better or for worse, or numerous movements
in an industrial ballet, undeniably apocalyptic at points, vintage noise, with a musical extravaganza"TJP FOR APOLYCA" which includes 21 contributors.- Stephan Perkins/BOX OF WATER 1986