Makaton ‎– Generic Herod

Rodz-Konez ‎– MAK 02
Vinyl, 12"


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March 22, 2018
this kicks ass trust me I've played all over the globe Makaton side 1st track. Killer. Period


January 22, 2011
The A side contains two pretty typical although good minimal try outs. A1 being my pick of the two, mainly due to the fact it has more balls, to express myself eloquently. However, both are far from Makaton's usual high standards, even though Turnin' Contamination has a kicking beat which will keep your head nodding and feet tapping.
The B side is where it's all at for me. I Am The Game is as stripped, sick and experiMENTAL as they come! A five minute composition where a single drum roll is steady growing and ticking across the track. Very subtle, barely audible changes and progression which is best felt using the random needle drop technique. Pretty challenging although obviously not everyone's cup of green tea.
Trust No One Trust Me is similar to the previous track, idea wise, although more upbeat and elaborate. Very minimal and basic, the throbbing drum gives it more club appeal than I Am The Game had, although the real trick here is to stay focused on the shifting, augmenting sequence which starts out quietly somewhere in the background and then gradually gains in momentum and intensity, becoming louder than the percussion, and then finally abruptly ending. A true to form and tongue in cheek minimal techno track. Give it a try first, and if you like it, you should probably go for the whole EP.