Makaton ‎– Nothing Can Be Held In Our Hands For Long

Blueprint ‎– BP-041
Vinyl, 12", EP



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February 4, 2018
For better or for worse, 4 Point Suspension is a text book example of UK's approach towards techno music in the nineties. It has everything you missed, or everything you hoped you'd never hear again. The loop is short, memorable and stubborn. The pace is undeviating. Beats are straight forward and banging. Bass line is booming. And all of it is delivered in the shape of a steam locomotive with no breaks.
Repetitive, linear, focused and restrained. If that is your thing, check it out. Will do wonders in clubs, might be a tad too much on the repetitive end of things for frequent home listening.
Six Feet Under In Love is an interesting effort as well. Revolving around somewhat tweaked and dimmed acid bleeps, the focus is still on the dance floor, but with a little more weirdness added. Percussion is still laden by 4x4 thuds, but it's the erratic, acidic lead that plays the main role here. It impresses, makes one move (physically) and perhaps even urges you to scratch the top of your head. Dope, yet falling short of the intensity of the A side track.
Cold Black isn't really my cup of tea. With a rather irritating hook line, simply refusing to lay low, it lacks the fervor, punch and undeniable energy of its predecessors. Meaning that, despite its focused beat and drive, it never really amounts to anything above its initial twenty seconds. You can't really move to it, can't groove to it either, and the tune's most prominent element has just the right amount of irritating frequencies to disable you from playing this within the walls of your crib.

My money's worth was found in the A side track. A proper, tunneling banger that boasts the word techno by carrying it a thousand times around the block.If you have been around for a while, you'll know what to expect, so do not be surprised if it does not come across as fascinating as three stripes tooth paste. For those of you willing to live it up with this back to basics, warehouse banger, put on 4 Point Suspension and let it rip.