Man From Uranus ‎– Amazing Science Friction Volume 1

Outer Music (2) ‎– CD01
CD, Compilation

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1 Get Along Little Doggy
2 Bongo Duck
3 Astrological Black Ice
4 Wild Animals Ate My Mother
5 New Planet Professor
Vocals – Arjuna Mowgli
6 Cindy Looper
7 Chased Down The Alley By A Hammerhead Shark
8 Watch Out For The Giant Pickle
9 Speedworm
10 Accident 23
Cor Anglais – Paul Wilson (7)Viola – Adrian Bronson
11 Peg With All Her Tubes In
12 Inflammation On The Envelope Of The Heart
13 The Iron Virgin
Drums – Jon Siller
14 The Test Tube Girl
15 Meteor Strike
16 The Free Synth Explosion
17 Space Jewellery # 4
Cymbal – James CargillSynthesizer – Trish Keenan
18 Advice
19 Is Hell Exothermic Or Endothermic
Cello – Adrian Bronson
20 Tape Hiss - Suburban Family Evening
Cello – Adrian Bronson
21 The Sad Cow Suddenly Remembers
Cello – Adrian Bronson
22 The Unexpected Visitor
23 Space Station 3 On The Shores Of Infinity


Subtitled: "The synthesizer hits of Man From Uranus 2003-2008".

Retrospect CD covering the years 2003 to 2008 and featuring collaborations with Broadcast and Agaskodo teliverek. First release for mFu's own label ((((outermusic))))

Packaging: standard plastic jewel box case, off-black tracy, v-fold cover insert with track-by-track notes.

No barcode printed anywhere.

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