Man Or Astro-Man? ‎– Destroy All Astro-Men!!



Reverb 10,000
Name Of Numbers
Popcorn Crabula
A Mouthful Of Exhaust
Of Sex And Demise
Joker's Wild
Mystery Meat
The Heavies (Let's Surf The River Of Blood)
Madness In The Streets
Espanto Del Futuro
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Love Theme
Gargantua's Last Stand
You Can't Get Good Riblets In Space
Bermuda Triangle Shorts
Taco Wagon
The Vortex Beyond
Out Of Limits
Destination Venus
Time Bomb
The Shadow Knows

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April 15, 2010
referencing Destroy All Astro-Men!!, LP, Album, ES 1215

Man Or Astroman? is among my favorite bands, that lesser known group many music fans have and love to tell others about. And this is my favorite of their full-length releases. Destroy All Astromen is tight, cohesive as album, and above all, fun. On an album with few vocals, one first notices the band's extensive use of old sci-fi movie samples as the delineation between songs. But after listening over and over as I have, what stands out more over time is, for all of the pseudonyms and goody credits, how good Astroman are musicians, particularly on guitar. It's the musicianship that sets the vocally bare songs apart, and I tend to think that's not terribly easy to do.
Highlights include "Reverb 10,000," "The Heavies," and "Destination Venus," one of the few vocal tracks.