Marble Sheep Meets ◯△▢ ‎– Marble Sheep Meets ◯△▢

FünfUndVierzig ‎– Fünfundvierzig135
CD, Album


1 Cosmic Garden 17:32
2 Love Chant 15:46
3 Paradox 6:14
4 Cosmic Garden Eternal 8:21

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Recorded December 2002 at Rinky Dink Studio Umegaoka (Tokyo).
Mastered January 2003 at SWing Bamboo Studio (Tokyo).

A limited version exists with a bonus CD
which contains a studio track (~18 min).



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May 13, 2012
The Sheep and the symbols endevour to take us on a journey through trance-inducing countryside, a thick, glutinous, airless world of didgeridoo drones, amorphous bass and lucky bag percussion. From beginning to end they create a benign sound as impenetrable as black smoke. They find their groove and stick to it.

But don't get the impression this is in any way a sombre affair. While it does create an atmosphere of trancendental, ethnic ritual, there's a humour I can only assume is intentional (some strange 'found sounds' and sometimes the mouths which provide the floating harmonies seem to be smiling). The sound itself could be likened to a modest bodybuilder (two words that sit together like Honest Politician) - its built like a brick shithouse, yet brings a feeling of peaceful meditation, rather than a combination of revulsion and relief.

References? They sit in the middle ground between POPUL VUH at their more atmospheric, less formed state, and the more interesting elements of FAUST. There's a lot of ethnic sounds here - especially on the vocals, which sometimes take on the ragged mantras of Native American music. Mostly, though, I find it hard not to compare it to LOOP GURU - LG have a more mainstream, 4/4 structure with all the electronic dressings of a tight studio sound. Yet both projects have a similarly atmospheric sound - deep, moody, quiet and ever inclined towards gradual transmutation.

The bonus disc, continuing the sleepy plod progression, manages to have the freshness and bit to it which suggests it was (at least partly) recorded in the open air. The bassment, on the other hand, has a cloying warmth - hanging black and more than a little dread-filled.

The 'Circle Triangle Square' are symbols, rather than words. I failed to find the symbols available anywhere on my PC. Think of it as playstation without the action!

Originally reviewed for Metamorphic Journeyman.