Margaret DeWys ‎– I Oh

Ecstatic Peace! ‎– E#86c
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1 I Oh 27:37

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  • Barcode: 787996586328


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June 24, 2017
A single long piece (in several sections) of wordless solo vocalizations, with occasional moments of subtle electronics or multi-tracking. It starts off all whispery and soothing, and from there pretty much runs the gamut of human experience/emotion, from birth to sex to the final death rattle, with all the little ecstacies and meltdowns that happen along the way. Some sections are quite lovely, others rather brutal. perhaps less "improv" than a spontaneous spewing forth, there's something almost shamanic about it. I would guess that she does not think of this in terms of "singing". It may or may not even be "music" at all, and that's just fine.

DeWys was a member of proto No-Wave band the Theoretical Girls with Glenn Branca, and also played in his large ensembles. But this sounds nothing like any of that, so don't come to it expecting it to "rock". And although she taught music at Bard College, there is no hint of academia in this. It has more in common with "Fly"-era Yoko or early Diamanda Galas, with maybe a nod to Artaud and Yanomami tribal rituals (she has since written a memoir about her experiences with shamanic healing and ayahuasca in South America, which may relate to this in some way). Work like this almost transcends issues of good or bad, since it's so personal and there's so little to hold it up to as a standard. It is what it is, and you'll either like it or not.