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Rush To Judgement - Part One
A Introduction; The "Single Bullet" Theory, Including Two Lately-Discovered Medical Items, And The Commisssion's Inability To Examine All Revelant Data And Witnesses; The Zapruder Film
Rush To Judgement - Part Two
B Behaviour Of The FBI; Commission Zeal In Gathering Evidence; "Precisely Simulated" Re-Ennactment Of Shooting; Photographs Cropped, Suppressed, Doctored: Testimony Of Maj. Gen. Walker



New insights on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Mark Lane (Lawyer) in 1963 started a 3 year investigation and exposed a series of contradictions, mysteries and unanswered questions.

Was there a conspiracy againts JFK?
Why didn't the "Warren Commission" examine the autopsy photographs and X-rays?

In this investigative-documentary recording, Mark Lane discusses many questions of major importance.

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May 15, 2009
edited over 6 years ago

Fantastic documentary by Mark Lane, who addresses a crowd regarding the JFK conspiracy theory, and his many personal findings regarding this legendary murder trial.

Mark Lane, a U.S attorney and author of many books, including the best seeling book: "Rush to Judgment", which talks about President Kennedy's assassination, and the many questionable findings by the Warren Commission.
A documentary style Film was also produced, and had the same name; inspired by this recording and was produced by "Emile De Antonio", who was a well established documentary film producer. Both, Mark Lane and Emile De Antonio combined their skills and resources to cast and include the living testimony of the actual witnesses, and other important figures that were involved in this historical event.

Other carrier highlights of Mr. Lane:
He was arrested in the early 60’s for opposing segregation as a “Freedom Rider”.
He was part of the New York State Assembly in 1960; in 1962 he ran for Congress in the Democratic primary and lost; in 1968 he ran as a vice-presidential candidate for the Freedom and Peace Party; in the early 70’s Mark Lane became a huge voice for the Anti-war activism and at one point he even applied to represent Lee Harvey Oswald but was declined by the Warren Commission.

If all that was not enough for someone’s carrier; how about representing Mr. Jim Jones and “The Peoples Temple” in the late 70’s.
Mark Lane flew into Jonestown (Guyana – South America) in November 1978 to meet the Devil himself “Jim Jones” in order to build a case against US intelligence Agencies.
According to the paranoid Jim Jones; the US government was trying to give a bad reputation to the people’s temple by labeling them as a Cult.
Mark Lane would be a witness and one of the few who survived the massive suicide-massacre by cyanide poisoning of almost a thousand people including hundreds of children, master minded by Jim Jones who would tell his followers to die with dignity.