Markus Popp ‎– Ovalprocess Lecture

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Lecture given by Markus Popp at the SeeSound Festival, Roskilde, Denmark 2002.
Recorded and edited by Jonas Olesen for the Danish National Broadcasting Cooperation (DR)


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March 15, 2018
A quite informative lecture by Markus Popp, dedicated to his Ovalprocess DIY software application, which was primarily used as a foundation for a series of interactive sound installations. He gave a detailed background of the project, explains it mechanics, and the fact that Ovalprocess was conceived and realized as a more of an artistic statement itself, and not a working tool for an everyday use and music making. Popp talks in detail about various installations and objects built with Ovalprocess, his collaborations with design bureau and architectural firm on building them, a certain challenges in the process, as well as insights he gained in them. He also explains how Ovalprocess ended up being released as a regular CD/LP audio album, and not as a bundled software as originally intended, due to certain restrictions and narrow-mindedness of record labels, which are not used to distributing/marketing software, and don't really understand how to do that.

A Q&A session at the end adds up some interesting trivia as well, with Popp explaining how the most important creative tool he ever employed in his music is time, and the entirety of his albums to date were produced as a stop frame animation – no complicated algorithms, granular synthesis, Max/MSP patches that would generate his trademark glitch sounds, simply manually preparing, editing, and combining microscopic samples one by one to build entire tracks. He also claims that standard ability of Mac OS to preserve a custom sorting and color-coding of audio files in the folder plays an important role, allowing him to revisit a certain project sometimes years later, and to pick up right where he left it.

To be fair, Markus Popp is apparently not a very good public speaker, with a decent amount of mumbling, filler words, self-repetition, and awkward silences presented in this lecture, but nevertheless it's highly recommended to everyone who is interested in Oval's music and creative works.