Martijn Comes ‎– Galactic Cinema

IO SOUND ‎– IO/006
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1 Neptune Federation of Light 7:59
2 Doublehelix Vapourspace Mindpath 8:05



Bombarding us with rays from a distant nebula, Martin Comes introduces to earth the cascading rhythms of deep space techno, embracing the ecstatic vibrations of the omniverse. Are these ethereal voices on the aeolian winds? Is this techno, or something beyond techno, embracing interstellar soundscapes that shake the very music of the spheres? IO SOUND transmits to you a new echo from outer space: the further explorations of interstellar techno and earth-shaking ambient, with a touch of the sirius sublime. this be but a prelude to a forthcoming lp entitled infinite spaces and beyond. //

martijn comes conceives his art as continuous research into the different relationships between mind, matter, idea, culture and form. he has released four previous albums: dominion (2008), lostitude (2008), den haag (2009) and those who know do not speak | those who speak do not know (2012). the latter was edited and remastered for thomas mohr’s film resonance (2010), which was curated by the netherlands institute for media art (nimk) and awarded best of selection at ars electronica ‘10. martijn graduated from the academy for digital communications in 2004 with a thesis on live stage performance and digital media. he is currently studying for his master’s degree in composition at the conservatory of amsterdam. martijn is also the producer of two national radioshows in the netherlands, kraak helder and inventions for radio, both featured on the concertzender. he is a member of the artist collective panospria, and has collaborated with twine, philippe petit, ike yard, freida abtan, s*, and scant intone.

“This is some hardcore cinematics for sure.”
— Andrew Duke, In The Mix