Martyn Wyndham-Read, The Druids (10), Gerry Fox (2), The Band Of The Scots Guards* ‎– Songs And Music Of The Redcoats

Argo (2) ‎– ZDA 147
Vinyl, LP, Album


Civil War
A1a Scots Guards The English March
A1b Scots Guards John Gwyn's Air
A1c Martyn Wyndham-Read When The King Enjoys His Own Again
A1d Keith Kendrick, John Adams (15), Martyn Wyndham-Read When Cannons Are Roaring
A2a Martyn Wyndham-Read Over The Hills And Far Away
A2b John Adams (15) Sergeant Morris' Song
Seven Years War
A3a Scots Guards The Marquis Of Granby
A3b Martyn Wyndham-Read The Girl I Left Behind Me
A3c The Druids (10) How Stands The Glass Around ?
A3d Gerry Fox (2) Hot Stuff
American War Of Independence
A4a Scots Guards The Grenadier's March
A4b Keith Kendrick Light Infantry Song
A4c Scots Guards Over The Water To Charlie
A4d Scots Guards Roslyn Castle
A4e Scots Guards, The Druids (10) The British Grenadiers
Napoleonic Wars
A5a Mick Hennessy Love Farewell
A5b Keith Kendrick One And All
A5c The Druids (10) The Owl
A5d Scots Guards, The Druids (10) The Rogue's March
Napoleonic Wars (Continued)
B1a Keith Kendrick Sahagun
B1b Gerry Fox (2) Lochaber No More
B1c John Adams (15) The Sodger's Return
B2a Scots Guards, The Druids (10) Hey For The Life Of A Soldier
B2b Scots Guards Paddy's Resource
B2c John Adams (15) Cheer Boys, Cheer
Indian Wars
B3a Martyn Wyndham-Read Bang Upon The Big Drum
B3b Martyn Wyndham-Read Here's To The Last To Die
Late 19th Century
B4a Martyn Wyndham-Read The Jolly Die-Hards
B4b The Druids (10) Colonel Burnaby
B4c Gerry Fox (2) The Connaught Rangers
South Africa
B5a Scots Guards Rory O' More
B5b The Druids (10) Razors In The Air
B5c Mick Hennessy The Wagon Loafers
B5d Martyn Wyndham-Read Soldiers Of The Queen



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