Mascharat ‎– Mascharat

Seance Records ‎– Seance 016
CD, Album, Limited Edition


1 Intro
2 Bauta
3 Médecin De Peste
4 Mora
5 Vestibolo
6 Simulacri
7 Iniziazione
8 Rito
9 Outro


CD Limited to 500 copies

Renaissance Black Metal from Milan, Italy inspired by ancient tradition & Venetian carnival. This symphonic conspiracy of darkness has been crafted by anonymous shadows. Hidden behind the Bauta they reveal a midnight revel of secrets, subversion and clandestine ritual as the mask emancipates man to follow the true path of occulta philosophia. As a whole work the album is an impressive narration which forms a conceptual allegorical tale.

Within the album Mascharat's lyrics are provided in the original Italian as well as English translations so that the listener may become immersed in this deeply conceptual work of occult philosophy.The album has been conceived as a kind of esoteric narration, which can be read in several different ways. And the cover art by Gozer designs has also been rendered in traditional woodcut style to carefully illustrate key elements of Mascharat’s tale.

The songs on 'Mascharat' tell an allegorical story that may be split into two parts. The first act (‘Bauta’, ‘Médecin de peste’ and ‘Mora’) entails the meeting between a Man and the three Masks of Venetian tradition. They show him how his philosophical and religious certainties (to which we refer mainly by means of Christian dogmas and values) are illusory in the research of the Truth. The second act (‘Simulacri “Simulacrum”’, ‘Iniziazione “Initiation”’ and ‘Rito “Rite”’) tell of the man’s attempt to redeem himself as he tries to find the Truth through an initiation rite that the Masks offer to him.
At the end of the rite the Man finds himself estranged from Christianity and all previous convictions, he is forced to repudiate himself. Yet he is not allowed to obtain the desired Knowledge, it has been denied. He discovers therefore that he has been cheated and that the initiation rite was none other than a cruel mockery, plotted by the Masks.