Masochrist / Krimparturr / Evil (2) ‎– Only The War Is Hygiene Of The World

Godless Records ‎– GOD015
CDr, Compilation, 3-way split


1 Masochrist Technology To Service From Destruction (Epilogue)
2 Masochrist To Exterminate The Pure Soul
3 Masochrist Omega Doom
4 Masochrist Cyber Satanic Mix
5 Masochrist Sodomatic Warrior Beast
6 Masochrist Brutal Holocaust
7 Masochrist Satanic Nuclear Nazi Profanation
8 Masochrist Regiment 666
9 Masochrist Cyber Goat
10 Masochrist War Machine Against Christ
11 Masochrist Destruction For Absolute Power (The Battle Continues...)
12 Krimparturr Intro / Journey To The Center Of The Earth
13 Krimparturr Narração Vii: O Templo Esquecido
14 Krimparturr Obscure Monolity
15 Krimparturr Spell Of Ice And Fire
16 Krimparturr Nameless Goat Horror
17 Krimparturr Narração Viii: A Escuridão Se Ergue
18 Krimparturr Descendants Of Impure Blood
19 Krimparturr Borning Horned Folks
20 Krimparturr Narração Ix: Limite Metafísico
21 Krimparturr Primal Force War... Nocturnal Hunters
22 Krimparturr Amorphous Castle And Sixteen Mysteries Of The Pit
23 Krimparturr Age Of Eternal Heat
24 Krimparturr Narração X: 1.000 Séculos
25 Evil (2) Evil Storming Onwards To The Battlefields
26 Evil (2) Battlestorms
27 Evil (2) Swordance
28 Evil (2) March Barbarians
29 Evil (2) Battle South Pride
30 Evil (2) The Triumph Of Iron And Thunder
31 Evil (2) From The Black Horde Of Pure Evil
32 Evil (2) Outro

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The musics of Masochrist contained in this CD are of the demo-tape "The battle: War Machine Against Christ". Recorded in 98. Produced by Godless Records.
The musics of Krimparturr Burzum'shi-hai contained in this CD, are of the demo-tape "The Book: The ascession of Dark Shadows". Recorded in 96. Produced by Godless Records.
Evil - "Revenge Of Iron And Thunder"