Mason Jennings ‎– The Flood

Stats and Brackets ‎– SB-002


1 Dakota
2 In The Field
3 The Flood
4 January
5 Between The Lines
6 The Magician
7 The Villain
8 So Many Ways To Die
9 The Likes Of Me
10 AM Rock And Roll
11 When The Boats Come In
12 Michael's Song
13 Better Than That
14 Two Things You Should Know
15 Method To My Madness


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July 15, 2017
The Flood is a 15-song record featuring once lost and unrecorded songs that he has written over the past 18 years.

"Last winter an old friend asked me about a cassette tape filled with songs that I had given her fifteen years ago. She said she had lost it and was wondering if I had a copy. I called my Dad and he found a box of old recordings in his basement and sent them to me. The tape she was talking about was in there as were a bunch of other ones spanning the last eighteen years. Some were 4 track recordings, some were just recorded into an old voice recorder from Radio Shack. Some of the songs were songs that I have since recorded on my CDs but most were unreleased and many were a complete surprise to me.

I listened to them all and thought it would be fun to re-record some of them to keep them from getting lost again. I decided to do it with just guitar and voice so the songs would be the center point and they would feel cohesive even though they were written over the course of eighteen years,” says Mason about recording The Flood. [Source:]