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February 21, 2017
I have different cover: white, saying " EARLY MASONNA COLLECTION -1 (C) 1989 COQUETTE" instead of "DEBUT LP WILL BE RELEASE ON VIS A VIS TOKYO JAPAN"


September 12, 2011

Masonna fucking around with noise gear in his appartment before his trademark style of loud voice and static, and what do we get? Easily the best thing he has ever done. This tape goes to very interesting places, very enjoyable. At one point, Masonna shoves a mic down his throat, going EEEEH EEEEEH HEEEEH EEEEEEEEH HEEEEEAAAAAARRRGGGHHH. This tape isn't very voice dominated as his later works - But it does appear here and there, and it's definitely better here than on later records.

Interesting note: The tape says "DEBUT ALBUM WILL SOON BE RELEASE (sic) ON VIS A VIS TOKYO JAPAN".
Now some of you may know, Vis A Vis is owned by The Gerogerigegege's Juntaro Yamanouchi, who mainly used it to release his stuff when no one else wanted to. But he never ever put out a Masonna release. The only non-gero Juntaro put out was a Ramleh album and a single by the Haters. This brings us interesting questions. Was Masonna rejected for making boring voice static? Did he find a better deal? Did Juntaro decide he was going to release a record of him taking a crap instead (see the Night EP)? The questions are infinite...