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From the Mego website: Sicily based electro-noise fiend delivers a grinding 20 minute session packaged in tasteful artwork.

: Track titles by Stephen D. Conway
: This +20db session was done by Massimo with just one trumpet


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July 19, 2012

Massimo claims the whole of this 3" ep release was played with a trumpet and he doesn't like to be compared with powerelectronics.
OK, m a y b e he triggered the electronics with a trumpet and I could describe his music easily like my imagination of LO REZ' Cyber Punk (from Gibson's Books) from back then. The sun rises above decayed industrial landscapes and nearly 20 minutes long (with one short break) he gives us a glimpse how the Power Pop version of The Hafler Trio could sound.
Loads of track titles (i.e. Fiat, Microsound and glitch & cuts can only lick my mafia ass, She Male 808) and the design show a sense of humour which can't be wrong.
It will be interesting to watch and listen to his further progressions.

Reviewed for The Brain in 2002.


October 22, 2006
edited over 11 years ago
Twenty minutes of rhythmic sound art on a small 3" CD, with a gay porn cover that illustrates the title. Massimo claims that he's made the record with just one trumpet, and perhaps it's true that the original sounds were made on that instrument, but it certainly doesn't sound like it. Massamo has brutally processed the sounds to bits, and all that's left is evilly sharp and dirty digital noise. In spite of that there is something engaging, not to say captivating, in these ten short pieces. In one moment totally annoying, in the next strangely beautiful. It's as if Massimo wants to show us that even the ugliest sounds can be turned into good music. And he pulls it off, at least partly. Definitely interesting, but not recommended to sensitive persons.