Massive Attack ‎– 100th Window (Interview Disc)

Virgin ‎– CDIVDJ 2967
CD, Promo


1 Why Has This Album Taken So Long?
2 What Prompted You To Restart The Project?
3 So What Was The Eventual Starting Point For This Album?
4 How Has Your Sound Moved On From Mezzanine?
5 Why Have You Decided To Abandon Samples On This Album?
6 To What Extent Have Advances In Technology Affected Your Sound?
7 How Can You Ensure That Your Music Is Still Emotional When It Is So Machine-Made?
8 Is It Hard To Find The Right Balance Between Experimentation And Perfectionism?
9 Sequencing An Album Can Often Be The Hardest Job Of All
10 What Sort Of Reactions Are You Getting To This New Album?
11 Do You Think This Record Will Draw In New Fans?
12 Do You Still Get A Thrill Out Of Writing Songs?
13 What’s The Starting Point Of Most Of Your Songs?
14 How Do You Match The Singer To The Song?
15 You Clearly Value Horace Andy's Contribution To Your Music Very Highly...
16 Why Did You Choose Sinead O’Connor To Sing On This Album?
17 How Did You Approach Her Vocals?
18 Tell My About Her Song 'A Prayer For England?
19 How Did You Come Up With The Lyrics For Horace Andy?
20 How Did You Choose Which Songs Would Fit Your Voice?
21 When It Comes To Your Own Vocals, Are You Very Self-Critical?
22 How Do You Make Your Vocals Sound So Intimate?
23 How Do Your Lyrics Come Together?
24 Your'e Printing The Lyrics On The Album Sleeve This Time...
25 Do You Have Great Plans To Update For This Album?
26 How Do You Combine Music And Politics?
27 How Are You Active In The Campaign To Stop The War Against Iraq?
28 What's The Significance Of The Album Title 100th Window?
29 'Special Cases' Is The First Single From The Album, What's It About?
30 Did That Track Allways Stand Out As A Potential Single?
31 At What Point In The Creative Process Do Ideas For Video's Kick In?
32 What Do You Envisage For The 'Special Cases' Video?
33 How Important Is It To Keep Control Over The Way Your Music Is Marketed?
34 How Did You Arrive At The Idea For Your Album Cover?
35 Those Glass Figures Must Have Taken Some Construction...
36 How Ambitious Will Your Live Show Be?
37 Has Trying Out New Ideas Always Been Central To Massive Attack's Existence?
38 Now The Album Is Finished, When Will You Be Ready To Record New Material?
39 Do You Have Any Vocalists For The Next Album?
40 What Does Being A Part Of Massive Attack Mean To You?



Promotional interview with Robert Del Naja
from Massive Attack