Matthias Kaul ‎– Fever - Five Songs From A Percussionist

Nur/Nicht/Nur ‎– BERSLTON 102 01 20
CD, Album, Limited Edition

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1 Listen, This Is For You
Hurdy Gurdy, Gong [2 Small Bowed Korean], Temple Bells [1 Small Bowed Japanese], Voice – Matthias Kaul
2 Amadeu Antonio Kiowa
Drums [Snare Drum, Frame Drum], Voice, Performer [Super Ball On Frame Drum], Temple Bells [Tibetan], Kalimba [From The Shona People Of Zimbabwe], Cuica [Homemade Bowed Brazilian], Lute [Tanzanian], Temple Bells [Japanese], Tabla [From South India], Ektare [Bowed Gopichand From India], Jew's Harp [Mouth-bow From The Shona People Of Zimbabwe] – Matthias Kaul
3 Bachmann
Harp [Glass], Voice – Matthias Kaul
4 Fever
Organ [Small Organ Pipe], Drums [Microphone Rubbed On Drum Skins], Castanets, Drums [Drum Skins Beaten With A Soft Mallet], Performer [Microphones Attached To The Wrists Of The Performer], Temple Bells [Very Big Temple Bell Being Rubbed], Percussion [Wooden Sticks Played On The Frames Of The Drums, Long Roll On Frame Drum, Very Big Bass Drums], Lion's Roar – Matthias Kaul
5 Listen, This Is For You (II)
Triangle [Triangles On Long Wires Lead Through Hollow Styrofoam Balls], Drums [Bass Drum], Hurdy Gurdy, Temple Block [Small Wood Block], Performer [Child's Toy Made Out Of A Small Tin Can With Four Strings Inside And A Handle On The Outside], Vocals [Overtone], Piano [Bowed Metal Wire Of A Toy Piano], Performer [Electric Tooth Brush Pressed Against A Bass Drum Skin], Harmonica [Mouth Organ], Kanjira, Ektare [2 Gopichands] – Matthias KaulVocals [Singing "oh Yoko" Backwards And Slowed Down] – John Lennon



Each composition of this CD is dedicated to a person, or to the work of a person: Malcolm Goldstein, Amadeu Antonio Kiowa, Ingeborg Bachmann, Elvis Presley and Yoko Tawada.

Each handmade CD-bag is unique because it is part of a huge painting which has been cut into a thousand pieces. With the handwritten number and letter you can find somewhere on your CD-bag, you can figure out, which part of the painting you are holding in your hands.

Co-Production Hessischer Rundfunk / Nurnichtnur Kunst- und Musikproduktion.
Recording dates: 31 January - 02 February 2002.
Recording venue: Sendesaal des Hessischen Rundfunks, Frankfurt am Main.

Thanks to Hanne Kasteinke for manufacturing 1100 CD bags by hand.

Packaged in cloth bag.