Maurice O'Keeffe ‎– Recollections Of 1916 And Its Aftermath. Echoes From History

Not On Label ‎– ISBN 0-9543274-4-6

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1 Introduction 1:36
2 Untitled (On Joining The Volunteers In The Dublin Brigade In 1919, The Irish War Of Independence, Michael Collins And Bloody Sunday In 1921)
Narrator – Sean Clancy
3 Untitled (On Tom Barry And The Kilmichael Ambush In 1920)
Narrator – Donal McSweeney, Meda Ryan
4 Untitled (On Michael Collins)
Narrator – Tim Crowley
5 Untitled (On Cattle Driving, Joining The Volunteers In 1917 And Their Activities In County Clare)
Narrator – Paddy Gleeson
6 Untitled (Performing A Local County Cork Volunteer Rebel Song)
Narrator, Vocals – Patsy Holmes
7 Untitled (On Drilling Local Volunteers In County Limerick In 1920 And Joining The Garda Siochána In 1922 And His Dismissal From The Garda In 1928 When He Was (Wrongfully) Accused Of Being Bribed By The IRA)
Narrator – William Geary
8 Untitled (On Easter Rising Events In Tralee And Dublin And Meeting Michael Collins In The Dublin Metropolitan Barracks In 1920)
Narrator – Billy MullinsRecorded By, Interviewer – Eddie Barrett
9 Untitled (On James Stack And Events In Tralee In The Irish Civil War In 1921 And 1922 As Recorded In James Stack's IRA General Orders Book)
Narrator – Eddie Barrett
10 Untitled (On Events In County Kerry During The Easter Rising In 1916)
Narrator – Diarmuid Ring, George Rice (2), Michael Finucane, Michael O'Leary, Michael Scanlon, Owen Ring, Ryle Dwyer
11 Untitled (On The Lispole Ambush Of March 1921)
Narrator – John Scannell
12 Untitled (On The Black And Tans In Tralee And Events During The Occupation Of 1921)
Narrator – Rowland Blennerhassett
13 Untitled (On The Occupation Of Tipperary By The Black And Tans, Executions Of Family Members By The Auxiliaries And On Cumann na mBan)
Narrator – Margaret Kennedy Doughan
14 Untitled (On The Shooting Of The Local District Inspector Of Police Michael Hunt In Thurles In June 1919)
Narrator – Nora Costello Humphreys
15 Untitled (On The Volunteers Gathering At The Rink In Tralee On Easter Sunday 1916, Joining The IRA Boherbee B Company And His Involvement In The Castlemaine Ambush In 1921)
Narrator – Dan Keating
16 Untitled (On Dan Keating's Early Life, British Recruitment In Tralee During The Great War And The Auxiliaries And Black And Tans In County Kerry)
Interviewer – Nollaig O GadhraNarrator – Dan Keating
17 Untitled (On The Mood Of North Kerry Locals Towards Republicans Changing Following The Executions Of The Leaders Of The 1916 Easter Rising)
Narrator – Michael Finucane
18 Untitled (On Des' Father Charles Cooke Who As An Englishman During His Honeymoon Got Caught In The Events Of Easter 1916 In Dublin)
Narrator – Des Cooke, Pam Cooke
19 Untitled (On Protests Against The Hanging Of Kevin Barry In Mountjoy Jail In November 1920)
Narrator – Eileen Sprague
20 Untitled (On The Black And Tans In Athea In County Limerick)
Narrator – Paddy Hurley
21 Untitled (On The Occupation Of County Kerry By The Black And Tans, The Headford Ambush Of March 1921 And Its Preparation, Volunteer James O'Connor And The Beating Of Miah O'Connell By Black And Tan Members)
Narrator – Dan "Bán" O'Shea, Hannah Crowley O'Connor, Jack Farmer, Mike Christopher O'Shea
22 Untitled (On Events Relating To The Black And Tans, The Ballyseedy Massacre Of March 1923, The Irish Civil War And The Animosity Continuing In The Years To Follow, Eily O'Flaherty And Cumann na mBan)
Narrator – Charles Quinn, Kitty Duggan Weir, Lily Ryle, Rory Sweeney, Roy Mooney
23 Untitled (On Sinn Féin And The Republican Movement In County Kerry In The 1920s)
Narrator – Tom Batt O'Connor
24 Untitled (On The Black And Tans In County Kerry And Civilian Victims Of Both The War Of Independence And The Irish Civil War)
Narrator – Frank Blennerhassett, Maurice Barrett, Una Keane
25 Untitled (On Volunteer Guerilla Activities In County Clare And The Kilrush Ambush Of 1921)
Narrator – Michael Howard
26 Untitled (On Liam Lynch IRA Chief Of Staff And The Beginning Of The War Of Independence With An IRA Attack On British Soldiers Attending Church Service In Fermoy County Cork In 1919)
Narrator – Diarmuid Mullins
27 Untitled (On Tim And Eugene Ring Who As Cable Operators On Valentia Island Alerted Germany And The United States Of The Easter Rising In 1916)
Narrator – Diarmuid Ring
28 Outro 0:49



This book and CD are part of the "Irish Life & Lore Series" published by Maurice O'Keeffe and Jane O'Hea O'Keeffe in 2005 and are supposed to accompany the 30 CD recordings of said series.

A first edition was published in June 2005, a second one in September 2005.

The CD features excerpts from the interviews, songs and narrations recorded on the series' 30 CDs.

Track 8 was recorded in November 1989, all other tracks between early 2001 and late 2005.