Maurizio Miceli ‎– Phonenix

Label: ‎– [podcast-043]
File, MP3, Mixed, 320 kbps


1.1 As If Inner Space Dub
1.2 Fingers In The Noise Empty Whisky Bottle
1.3 Krisz Deak Sublimaterial
1.4 Brickman Spectral Dub
1.5 Maurizio In Dub We Trust
1.6 Rob Velasquez Viaje Infinito
1.7 Pulse Code Modulation Metafuturism
1.8 Axs* Terminal Velocity III
1.9 Zzzzra La Savate
1.10 Basicnoise Le Cosmic
1.11 Izzat Man Behind Reality
1.12 Niccolo Machiavelli Airlock
1.13 Aura Fresh Empire
1.14 Subforms Inside Of U
1.15 Kristoban Into The Distance
1.16 Echoton Floating Point
1.17 Dublicator Forest Of Unknown Thoughts
1.18 Roberto Figus The Natural
1.19 Zoltan Solomon Attitude 33
1.20 Markus Masuhr Appart Reduction
1.21 Christoph Schindling Dubland
1.22 Random Walkers Event Horizon
1.23 Brad Peterson Dreamers Groove
1.24 Jose Lau Deep Jungle
1.25 Myles Sergé Brown Stew Chicken
1.26 Re-Drum Subaquatic Utopia
1.27 Sonitus Eco Finding Warmth In Space
1.28 Liquid Level Indifferent
1.29 Matias Bagato Dabing
1.30 Maurizio Miceli Children Of Dub


Artwork By [Cover Design] [Original Image] – Visual Angel