Mayhem / Thou Shalt Suffer / Zemial ‎– The True Black

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1 Thou Shalt Suffer Intro / Into The Woods Of Belial
2 Thou Shalt Suffer I Seek The Path Of Oblivion
3 Thou Shalt Suffer Painful Void Of Time
4 Thou Shalt Suffer Spectral Prophecy
5 Mayhem All The Little Flowers....
6 Mayhem Freezing Moon
7 Mayhem Necrolust
8 Mayhem Carnage
9 Mayhem Funeral Fog / Freezing Moon
10 Mayhem Buried By Time And Dust
11 Zemial Sleeping Under Tartarus
12 Zemial Falling Into The Absu
13 Zemial The Scourge Of The Kingdom


Bootleg split CD with Mayhem, Thou Shalt Suffer and Zemial.

Zemial doesn't appear on some tape and LP versions of the release. The track listing on the CD appears to have been copied from those tape/CD releases. The track listing is entirely erroneous in reference to the CD (Zemial isn't mentioned anywhere on the CD case).

The proper listing is as follows:

Tracks 1-2 - From Thou Shalt Suffer "Into The Woods Of Belial" demo 1991
Tracks 3-4 - Thou Shalt Suffer "Open The Mysteries Of Your Creation" 7" 1991
Track 5 - original "Deathcrush" outro
Track 6, 8 - studio tracks 1990
Track 7 - from "Deathcrush" demo 1987
Tracks 9-10 - rehearsal 1990
Tracks 11-13 - Zemial "Sleeping Under Tartarus" 7" 1992


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August 7, 2017
"Discogs policy is to block any releases from our marketplace that, through images and text on the release itself, are primarily created to incite violent hatred against groups of people based on areas such as their ethnic, cultural, religious or sexual identity, or with reference to physical or mental health. "

I'm not sure that this release provides anything offensive to anyone through "images and text on the release itself"

"Review decisions are final, and will not be discussed by our support staff." Guess we will never know..... Discogs has been getting pretty ban-happy of late.