Meat Cunts ‎– Pornographic Addiction

Newborn Porn Prodz ‎– NPP094
Lathe Cut, 12", Album, Limited Edition


A1 Pussy Hunter In A World Full Of Cunts
A2 Fagstermination
A3 Shit Smeared
A4 Born In Pieces
A5 Pussycaust
A6 I Cum In Your Fucking Cunt
A7 Smells Like Teen Pussy
A8 Grotesque Vaginal Bleeding
A9 Painful Cumshot
A10 Let It Bleed
A11 Like A (Dead) Virgin
A12 Handjob Mistress
A13 Sexperiments
A14 Dead Hookers Collector
A15 Amateur Cum Shooters
A16 Colostomized
A17 Shit Talk
A18 Farm Perversions
A19 Retarded Incest Party
A20 Fucked From Behind
A21 We Are The Meat Cunts
A22 Bitch Hater
A23 Graveyard Masturbation
A24 Ball Slapping
A25 Three Hours Penetration
A26 Testicle Transplant
A27 Coprophilia
A28 If Grindcore Is Love, Noisecore Is Filthy Sex
A29 Ass Holy
A30 Cut The Crap, Bitch
A31 Pimp Academy
A32 Eels For Pleasure
A33 Pussy Lover
A34 Sissy Slayer
A35 Suck It, Bitch
B36 Praise The Cuntqueror
B37 The Daily Dyke Serial Killings
B38 Legalize Cuntanasia
B39 I Told You, Bitch
B40 A2M
B41 Voyeur Eye Gouging
B42 Tom Boy Terminator
B43 Post Apocalyptic Cunt Massacre
B44 Virgin Dreams
B45 Slut Shredder
B46 All My Bitches (Falling Into Pieces)
B47 Perverted Nympho Hooker
B48 Fist Fuck Defloration
B49 Menstrual Cunnilingus
B50 Pornographic Addiction
B51 Peep Show Wanker
B52 Hipstermination
B53 Succumb To The Cunt
B54 Big Tits Passion
B55 Cunt Craving
B56 Lesbian Hospital
B57 Fuck Youtube (And Fuck Youtubers)
B58 Fuck My Stump, Bitch
B59 Juicy Pussy
B60 Cock Shock
B61 Blast Beaten Clits
B62 Human Urinal
B63 One Inch Dick
B64 Mangled Cunt
B65 Shemale Castrator
B66 Masturbated To Death
B67 Vintage Porn Obsession
B68 Fuck (Off)
B69 Whoreslaughter


Limited to 20 copies