Meatus (2) ‎– Earthly Diseases & Grievous Mortality

Twisted Truth Records ‎– TRUTH-026, Core Records (4) ‎– TRUTH-026
Cassette, Limited Edition, Reissue


A1 Arcane Human Corpse Galvanisation
A2 Rot Coursing With Animal Electricity
A3 Apopleptic Phrenitis
A4 Death In The Solitary-Vice
A5 Convalescent Snake Pit
A6 Improvised Leucotome
A7 Phenol Eaten Phimosis
A8 The Sanitarian
A9 Blood Liqour Embalming
A10 Deranged By Chloroform Experimentation
A11 Female Sickness
A12 Radical Vibrotherapist
A13 Letheon Frolics
A14 Orbitoclastic Eruption
A15 Infant Riddled With Poison Air
A16 Galvano-Magnetic Panacea
A17 Glycon
A18 Primate Lobotomy Trials
A19 Human Lobotomy Trials
A20 Post-Autopsy Parturition Peurperal Infection
A21 Soporific Sponge Abuse
A22 Invasive Intestinal Flora
A23 Labaratory For Fecal Analysis
A24 Surplus Of Teeth
A25 Gangrenous Oracle-Monger
A26 Holy Dogs Lap At The Gash
A27 Lonely Nights For Ignaz Semmelweis
A28 Rabid Therianthropic Porphyriac
A29 Lobotomobile Ride
A30 Stinking Things Unto The Nose
A31 The Application Of Blisters
B1 Arcane Human Corpse Galvanisation
B2 Rot Coursing With Animal Electricity
B3 Apopleptic Phrenitis
B4 Death In The Solitary-Vice
B5 Convalescent Snake Pit
B6 Improvised Leucotome
B7 Phenol Eaten Phimosis
B8 The Sanitarian
B9 Blood Liqour Embalming
B10 Deranged By Chloroform Experimentation
B11 Female Sickness
B12 Radical Vibrotherapist
B13 Letheon Frolics
B14 Orbitoclastic Eruption
B15 Infant Riddled With Poison Air
B16 Galvano-Magnetic Panacea
B17 Glycon
B18 Primate Lobotomy Trials
B19 Human Lobotomy Trials
B20 Post-Autopsy Parturition Peurperal Infection
B21 Soporific Sponge Abuse
B22 Invasive Intestinal Flora
B23 Labaratory For Fecal Analysis
B24 Surplus Of Teeth
B25 Gangrenous Oracle-Monger
B26 Holy Dogs Lap At The Gash
B27 Lonely Nights For Ignaz Semmelweis
B28 Rabid Therianthropic Porphyriac
B29 Lobotomobile Ride
B30 Stinking Things Unto The Nose
B31 The Application Of Blisters

Companies, etc.


Recorded at The Laboratory For Fecal Analysis 2009.

Limited to 100 copies.

Same content on both sides of the tape.