Mega Bunneh ‎– A Collection Of Vaporwave Trap Rap, Sample-Based Funk, And Post-Breakup Ballads

Business Casual ‎– BIZC051
16 × File, MP3


1 Mega Bunneh B.O.B. Ft. 2 Chainz - Headband (Mega Bunneh's Yippie Ki Yay Remix) 5:36
2 Mega Bunneh Lady 4:24
3 Mega Bunneh Come With Me (Don't Be Afraid) 5:01
4 Mega Bunneh Can't Stop Thinking of You 4:02
5 Mega Bunneh Not Okay 4:43
6 Mega Bunneh Let's Try Again 5:57
7 Mega Bunneh Too Young To Be Feeling This Old 5:32
8 Mega Bunneh In The Attic 4:22
9 Mega Bunneh Hate This Feeling 4:05
10 Mega Bunneh Gucci Mane Ft. Young Jeezy - Icy (Mega Bunneh's Salvation Army Remix) 4:47
11 Mega Bunneh You're Killing me 1:49
12 Mega Bunneh Work-Related Stress 6:11
13 Mega Bunneh Crush 4:06
14 Therazoredge, Mega Bunneh Too Young To Be Feeling This Old (Therazoredge Remix) 6:33
15 Mega Bunneh Lady (Whitetail's Brickwerk Remix) 5:10
16 Zovi, Mega Bunneh Let's Try Again (Zovi Remix) 5:48


Some songs written before, during, and after my most recent breakup.
All take place over my first year of college except for Lady, which was written the summer before.