Mel* ‎– Television And The Bomb

Red Wharf ‎– RW-1-03-005
CD, Album


1 Trailer 0:54
2 Vertical Hold 7:09
3 Horizontal Hold (i) 5:06
4 Horizontal Hold (ii) 5:05
5 Partched (PTV Mix) 5:35
6 Fazed Dog/The Letter (i) 7:10
7 Fazed Dog/The Letter (ii) 7:07
8 Rising Fugitive (i) 9:12
9 Rising Fugitive (ii) 9:12
10 Hidden States (i) 8:07
11 Hidden States (ii) 8:39



14 Jan. '88 - Breck's Nook, York. (originally for quad. tape)
An advert for the piece 'Surface Quartet' ('88), it is actually the 'frame' material from that piece before splicing.

Vertical Hold (The Coming Of Sound)
20 Feb. '84 - Derwent, York. (originally for quad. tape)
Loosely inspired by the work of painter Bridget Riley. "...the coming of sound" was a comment about the transition from silent movies to the 'talkies'. The piece was made in the days of physically splicing tape - there are dozens of cuts.

Horizontal Hold (Muzak)
3 Jun. '84 - Derwent, York. (originally for quad. tape)
From the old days of the television test-card - and the test-card muzak, gently smeared across the screen (horizontally).

4 Dec. '89 - Chingford.
Mixed for a TV company, this uses a jump-loop study created from an excerpt of a Harry Partch work, mixed in with other bits and pieces.

Fazed Dog/The Letter (CD mix)
31 Jan. '92 - Chingford.
The underlying recordings were in collaboration with Peter Garvey & John Godfrey. We would spend hours in my studio messing about with loops and samples, this was created from a collection of messings about called the 'Ice smile loops' ('91).

Rising Fugitive
2 Jul. '96 - Westcott (original) 24 Jun. '99 - Pyhra. (for harp, televisions and live electronics.)
A CD version of the piece Rising '--', the second name being chosen from what was on the TV at the time. This is a realisation for unreal harp although the live version is for four real Irish harps.

Hidden States
14 Mar. '86 - Derwent, York. (originally for quad. tape)
Atomic war "as seen on TV". ('Land of Hope & Glory' and 'God Bless America' are hidden in the intro.)