Mentallo And The Fixer* ‎– Music From The Eather

Alfa Matrix ‎– AM2186TCD
2 × CD, Album
Box Set, Limited Edition


Good News And Warnings
1-1 Disturbing The Priest 2:06
1-2 Metaphysical Agents 10:16
1-3 Warrior Within 4:38
1-4 Prelude To A Plateshift 5:32
1-5 Holywar In My Head 1:41
1-6 Untapped Regions 8:04
1-7 Watching The Stars Fall 3:29
1-8 Shadow Of My Former Self 7:43
1-9 Penicillin For The Soul 5:07
1-10 Wandering Off In The Dark 12:11
1-11 Becoming The Candle Light (Defining Moment) 6:45
1-12 Sensory Illusion Destroyed 3:16
1-13 First Flower 2:40
Altered Everything Forever
2-1 Riding The Razors Edge 3:49
2-2 Perma Fried 3:47
2-3 Sensory Illusion Destroyed (Equivica Mix) 3:50
2-4 Shaking, Seizures And Aftereffects 2:12
2-5 Frankenstein Molecule 2:23
2-6 Chakras And Studdering 3:11
2-7 Beginning Of The End 5:08
2-8 Perma Fried (Tantric Mix) 3:31
2-9 Occult Genetic Code 3:55
2-10 Amigdula Sharp Bender 1:20
2-11 Shadow Of My Former Self (Ego Shredder) 10:36
2-12 Complete Loss Of Reality 2:35
2-13 Clarity Of Perception 4:43
2-14 Shortcut To Self Harm 3:55
2-15 Dark Perceptions Unfolding 7:00
2-16 Everything Went Wrong 2:44
2-17 My Night Under The Crushing Mattress 3:09
2-18 Untapped Regions (A New Alloy Blooms In The Crucible) 5:42
The Golden Thread Which Binds Them
3-1 Riding The Razors Edge (Empty Vial) 1:10
3-2 Complete Loss Of Reality (Mescalito Mix) 3:01
3-3 Beginning Of The End (Etheric Mix) 4:34
3-4 Spanning The Bandwidth 3:59
3-5 Tektonik Plates 5:29
3-6 Opening The Bandwidth For The Cosmic Signal 5:18
3-7 Solar Flower 5:33
3-8 Wonderful World Of Nausea 7:26
3-9 Warrior Within (Etheric Mix) 2:19
3-10 Complete Loss Of Reality (Candyflip) 8:15
3-11 Tactile Mayhem 2:31
3-12 Holywar In My Head (Hyperaware) 2:02
3-13 Riding The Razors Edge (Datura Blackout) 5:20
3-14 Brief But Violent Illness (Silent Curandero) 5:39
3-15 Untapped Regions (Loops And Illusions) 5:45
3-16 Shortcut To Self Harm (4AM Fire Alarm) 4:55

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© & ℗ 2012.

Limited Box Set includes exclusive Bonus CD Album, Poster, Sticker and Postcard.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Text): 8 82951 71862 9
  • Mastering SID Code (Disc 1-3): LP 57
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 1): 722.547.A AM2186 #1
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 2): 722.547.B 43306 #1
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 3): 722.551 AM1186CD #2
  • Mould SID Code (Disc 1 - 2): IFPI 3070
  • Mould SID Code (Disc 3): IFPI 3066
  • Label Code: LC 14000

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March 22, 2017
What can I say about this release? It appears that Gary is continuing with his theme from the 'Catalyst' album. The songs on this release were written with the intention of conveying Gary's personal altered experiences with drugs. And that's exactly what they reflect. I'm not a fan of drug usage, but this is still an interesting musical concept to me and I enjoyed the trip that Gary took me on. This album is absolutely chaotic. It's absolutely exhausting to listen to. It makes you want to rip your brain out of your skull. And it's absolutely AWESOME!!

When it comes to Mentallo, you either love him, or hate him. I am a very big fan of Mentallo's older work, as I'm sure most Industrial fans are. However, many years have passed since we were blessed with 'Where Angels Fear To Tread' and I doubt we'll ever be getting another album such as that from Gary. However, I feel that even with this 2012 release, Gary reflects on an older Industrial past and through all the schizophrenic, unstructured tracks on this release, I still get a vibe of old school experimental Industrial. You're not going to be hearing any oontzy EBM style tracks on this album, but you will get a healthy dose of music in the realm of Skinny Puppy, Download, OhGr and perhaps older Front Line Assembly.

I've listened to this album a few times now, and I'm still hearing new things every time I listen. I will admit, it's a bit exhausting to get through. Upon my first listen, I was kind of like, what the hell is this? Some of the tracks are very repetitive and are perhaps a bit too long, but I'm thinking that's ultimately what Gary is trying to convey. An endless cycle that you can't rip free from until you come down.

The tracks contain many layers of sound, but somehow all come together to form an experimental Industrial masterpiece. If you are in the mood to listen to calm music, this is not the album to listen to. If you have an anxiety disorder, this album will probably make it worse. All in all, after listening to the albums a second time, I began to appreciate it more. The only reason I gave this a 7.5 instead of 8 is because it doesn't have a high re-playability rate for me. This is something that I'd need to be in the mood to listen to.

There are no vocals on the 2 CDs that I listened to, but there are samples of human voices throughout. I'm pretty sure a bunch of them are porn samples, but his representation of his mind altering experiences make it hard to pin point where exactly the samples are coming from.

If you are interested, Mentallo & The Fixer have a few side projects: Mainesthai, Benestrophe, Shimri, Parking Lot In Drug Form and Reign of Roses (all from the early 90's, except for Gary's solo project Shimri from 2000)


May 31, 2014
edited over 3 years ago

Apparently Eismann completely missed the purpose of this music. There certainly is a story here, and it is probably one of the biggest stories ever told. It is about life and the search for truth. How the truth will not be found outside of the self, but rather from within the self. If you listen to and accept the 'truth' from somebody else, have you found the 'truth' or rather just someone's interpretation? It is better to find your own truth rather than the truth of another.

You can either see the light, or become the light. M&tF focus on the latter.

That is the point, and Eismann completely missed it.

This story alone is the most important one ever told. It is the story of psychedelic experience and the search for truth within that has been going on for thousands of years. It is the story referenced repeatedly in the Bible but hushed over by those that teach only half of it (if they are even aware of it). For that, I give this album 1,000/5.

For the music, it certainly is an acquired taste. A complete and complex twisting of sounds. For the music I give it a 4/5.

However, the importance with this record is that the message is delivered. It does not matter how it is delivered, only that it is delivered.



November 19, 2012
edited over 5 years ago

Oh, my... The complete version of this album is 3 hours and 40 minutes. Having finished listening to this opus I am now wondering why it was not 8 hours, or 40 minutes, or any other duration. The optimal length for something like this is really 10 mins. There is no focus in these tracks whatsoever. There is no coherent story here, no sense of good measure or tact.

Mentallo has been publishing music for twenty years now, I think I remember him since my prenatal hell, and he's quite adept at making unusual electronic rhythms and sounds. If you have listened to some dark electro/EBM/weltschmerz electronica you would notice this immediately. This is something we indeed must give him: Mentallo and his Fixer rise head and shoulders above many, not musicians, but sound designers in this genre. It is likely that his unusual sonic palette will attract you at first, and it might also happen that his way of composing (throw everything together and make it energetic) may look promising, but at the end you might feel you just wasted several hours of your life and got a few hours closer to your death.

Yes, His Earlier Stuff Was Better. No, this album isn't good for clubs, though you can use some of these tracks as a glue in the mix. Not good for "gothic lounges" or other strange places either, too energetic. To name something similar - Totakeke, whose sound design technique is even more impressive at the first listen, but very similarly it conveys very little meaning, you never go back to listen to such albums a year later. What makes the Mentallo's case worse is constant alluding to hallucinogenic substances, peyote, and other such escapist crap that both people and hippies were so fascinated with back in the 20th century. So on top of being directionless, this album is also an ideological relique when the world has moved on already.


November 1, 2012
edited 7 months ago
Things fall apart, the center cannot hold.

The seeds of this album were first sown back in 1995 with the album Continuum. Showcasing a non-conventional sound, it pointed in the direction which since 1999 Gary Dassing has gone and now fulfills. Structures break down, guidelines become wisps of smoke and the space between the conscious and the unconscious mind is accessed. Chaos has been draped over the mechanical, almost breathing compositions which make up this massive, nearly four hour excursion into the hinterlands of human thought and experience. Descend with me through the ultraviolet showers and radiant blue bands of emotional overload and awaken beneath the ruins of recognized method for within this restless mass of seething malice I have found a place not unlike the fabled land of El Dorado which Voltaire so elegantly described. Or perhaps Music From The Eather is as simply defined as it's creator said: music to trip yourself out to. I tend to find this epic new opus from Mentallo falling into a category simply called this: visionary.

If you peer within this box set you will behold artwork that sums up what's going on here perfectly: a feminine(?) form clothed in some kind of gossamer fashion with her (it's?) arms in flames dangles precariosly as if to say that one should be careful what they wish to see and how high they choose to fly. The discs themselves are riddled with astrological signs and constellations, be assured, this is not the sort of music you play around the uninitiated. Dassing clearly sees things very differently than the rest of us and his rhythms are absolutely breathtaking in their complexity and their nuanced depth; you will begin to do as one of the songs on here says and find yourself wandering off in the dark. Mentallo's newest is a psychedelic, mind shifting excursion, one which you have never heard the likes of before. I'd love to know how he knew when this thing was finished because I'd be lost myself. How does one define absolutes in such a darkly beautiful place. Then it comes to me, this album is that hidden hand which reaches out to you in the abyss and holds you fast. You will not be let go, just try to quiet your mind and take this glorious symphony in.

When I first got my hands on this monster, I knew I was in for it. A guy like this never does anything half-heartedly and his refusal to compromise remains as firm as the static laden dissonant markers which this record lays out before you and then entices you down. His previous album was a jolt of electricity, this one here makes what he did in 2006 sound elementary. Be advised, this is an artist who takes an unapologetic-ally pro drug stance, so if you've ever partaken in say Peyote, LSD or those nerve jangling fungi then you'll feel those regions of your frontal lobes being tickled. If not, take heed of the sample contained within the track Penicillin For the Soul. You may find such statements useful. Personally, I find his views to be quite refreshing in these days of the underground being overrun by those who refuse to even acknowledge this side of themselves. Another thing which comes across in blinding clarity on here is this: what are you afraid of. There is so much apathy, anger and mindless fear in the world today... must it always be like this.

How he composes and where he chooses to insert particular sounds in his songs continues to fascinate me, you'll be at cruising altitude with mayhem chewing up your thoughts when out of absolutely nowhere those morbidly enchanting atmospheres appear. They are not placed there by accident, none of this album is random. What appears as purely misanthropic chaos becomes exactingly orderly in execution; the very substance of what is on here is a contradiction, there's no rational way to think yourself out of what's happening. Raise your arms up and surrender to the heady waves that will pull you under and reveal a realm of majesty, a fourth plane of existence to be entered without trepidation or doubt. This is a man who is quite plainly one thing above all others: an astral navigator.

To be within the eather is to stare into the void and dance back and forth between reality and fantasy, life and death, the scales balance do they not? Every last person I have played this for has come away from it with their own descriptors, like the intensely hallucinogenic substances which are clearly alluded to each mind processes the overload differently but one thing has been constant in all of their feedback: yep, this sounds like Mentallo. No other act out there pushes it as hard in the electronic realm nor does anyone else have the ability to blend seamlessly with both the antagonistic work of Autechre or the perceived random improvisations of John Coltrane at the Village Vanguard back in 1961. These roots run deep, probably as deep as the bowels of the Earth itself. Something connects them all, and that something is within the eather.