Merzbow ‎– Spiral Honey

Work In Progress ‎– WIP 004
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1 Spiral Honey.A 18:02
2 Spiral Honey.B 10:34
3 ____ 5:15
4 ____ 5:29
5 Talipes (Analogue Mix) 10:38
6 ____ 8:44
7 Great Deceiver (Long Mix) 6:47

Companies, etc.



Recorded & mixed by at ZSF Produkt Studio Dec. 1995 - May 1996.
Selected & re-numbered on 27th May 1996.
Track 7 is a bonus track.

Special thanks to David Bourgoin.

All material:
© 1995/1996 Merzbow
℗ 1996 Work In Progress.

Made in England.



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May 13, 2012
Making noise is very much a primal thing - it's something most of us grow out of by around - say - 30. Infants rip their lungs apart to fill the world with a sound which, correct me if I am wrong, but is more powerful in decibels than a pneumatic drill. And in most cases the remaining years between that first natal cry and discovering music in your early teens are spent using a combined assault of noise and demands, to the point where, if you are to observe the weaker parent closely, you can actually see the nerve endings resonating like a tuning fork to the point where even the slightest sound can tip them over the edge into the abyss of insanity. Bullshit, of course, mainly, but you must know what I mean. But, as FREUD observed in reference to sexual growth, while there is a set template for most people, there are a number of exceptions. Instead of Oral / Anal / Genital, you get Own Voice / Pop Music / Easy Listening. And as popular as MASAMI AKITA may be, he and his following decided to stay in the Nursery Of Noise.
If you're new to MERZBOW, expect driving Japanese School Noise; if you're familiar with the sound, then this album will not disappoint you. Indeed, there's so much variety to the nerve-shredding assault of this album that you begin to wonder just how the Emperor of Noise manages to maintain such a high standard. After all he has released (I believe) both the largest single album (50 CDs in one box) and, so JOHN EVERALL once told me, the most expensive (the CD was packaged in a CD player in a car, although I couldn't tell you the make). His compositions here (in the studio, so the tones are overall a lot more pure and there's a hell of a lot more variety and control than with much of his live work) are mostly based on blasts of pure noise, which is filtered, fed through fx, cut up and generally messed around. It must be said, rightly or wrongly, that there is a hell of a lot of humour within these compositions - as with RUNZELSTIRN & GURGELSTØCK's earlier work (only with AKITA you have to dig deeper to find it).

So maybe we could teach the brats of the world a lesson and play "Spiral Honey" to them, show 'em how it should be done. Maybe the smell of burning circuitry will mask the stench of soiled nappies.

Originally reviewed for Metamorphic Journeyman.