Merzlux ‎– Milk Adulteration

Genetic Trance ‎– GT741
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Published at Internet Archive and at the label’s VK page.

The image files (two .png’s) were uploaded onto Discogs in the way they appeared within the file folder of the author: “merzlux - milk adulteration 2.png” first, “merzlux - milk adulteration.png” second. The image at VK differs pixelwise. Track 3 was capitalized according to the Discogs Guidelines. As the difinition as a “single” implies, other audio files appear to be part of a sequence rather than a “tracklist”. They can also be found in the present composition. Though not stated in the “txt.txt” file within the release folder, “01” can be found in “Shaft, no. 6 / by Surrogate Sigma” at SoundCloud page of Vziel. “14 synth” is a stem from Love Means Taking Action by Croatian Amor, a compilation of which were made publicly available. There was also a zero byte file named “gwv456A.tmp”. Durations were added from foobar2000 v1.3.8.

From “txt.txt”:
“Thank you to Ani Zur (for her “Show me your borders (action, intervention)” video at Vimeo, which is now made private) and Infrastructure Zero
And also to L., and to Jim Berger AKA All (3)

Special thanks to Vikentiy Khvoyka for having discovered the Neolithic Trypillia culture in Ukraine”.