Mescalinum United ‎– Vs. Evil (A New Level)

Planet Core Productions ‎– PCP 933
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Single Sided, Green Transparent


A Vs. Evil (A New Level) 4:52


No titles on release.

The flip side has a groove but no sound.

The "I Am God Here" is sampled from The Lawnmowerman movie


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October 7, 2012
Similar (rhythmic) groove, YES. Same percussion, NO. If you want to get "technical" tell me of an artist that hasn't been "influenced" directly by another? I don't think I could even put this in the same league as Dynamix II's work. I could name a ridiculous amount of tracks I still love that are complete rip-off's of another artist(s) work(s), but do I like them any less...? NO. Some would say I've been "lucky" to see their Live PA's (countless times) and I can still say beyond the shadow of a doubt, that their sound gets stale and boring after awhile. I can appreciate this track more then I can (and ever will) "II Evolve The Future". I'll still give (Dynamix) Dave Noller and Scott Weiser credit where it's due, because they are skilled at their craft, but I won't blow smoke up their butts and say everything they made was pure genius (because simply's not.)


October 30, 2008
edited over 7 years ago

"Vs. Evil", also featured on "Frankfurt Trax Vol. 4", is an excellent tune - a dark but funky atmosphere with great breakbeats and an intelligent arranged percussion including a number of sounds taken from a computer game. But even if I'm destroying the reputation of a great and classic track: This track is a rip-off. Listen to Dynamix II's "II Evolve" (featured on the album "Machine Language" from 1992 and also available on the "From 1985 To Present" Compilation): exactly the same beat, percussion and atmosphere! "Vs. Evil" just sounds a bit lighter in the higher frequencies and has different vocal samples, that's all. And to be honest: The original is quite as cool as the rip-off, if not better.


June 21, 2007
edited over 3 years ago

The overall soundscape is very similair to Aphex Twin and it is great for athmospheric, moody electro-techno sets.
However, I was somewhat disappointed in this record in 1993 when it came out, but for some reason i have been holding on to it for all these years. I don't know why exactly.


October 22, 2004
edited over 13 years ago

Probably my favorite record in the Acardipane/PCP catalog, this record defies categorization! A dark, brooding, subdued, almost downtempo (126 bpm is downtempo for PCP!) tune, this would be equally at home in an electro set, an industrial set as well as a hardcore set.

It's a shame that this record is so limited and hard to find. Unless you're a collector, you'd be better off trying to find the "Frankfurt Trax Volume 4 - The Hall Of Fame" compilation, as it contains the one track from this release.


April 9, 2004

This record is incredibly rare and sought after. A quality track too! One of the darker Acardipane productions on the PCP label and seriously funky vinyl colour. i have known of only 2 copies of this. One copy my friend owns and the other was sold on ebay for some ridiculous price of 400 euro or something.