Metallica ‎– A Year And A Half In The Life Of... Part 1 And Part 2

Elektra ‎– 40148-3


1-1 Opening Credits-"The Black Album"-Enter Soundmen-Larz Drum Trax-Songwriting-Group Recording
1-2 The Unforgiven
1-3 Jaymz Vocals-Crunchy Guitar God Sounds-Larz Drum Edits-Jason's Bass-Kirk's Guitar Madness-More Mighty Hetfield Vocals
1-4 Nothing Else Matters
1-5 "Black Album" Art Arrives-Mixing And Nixing-Mastering-Listening Party-Record Factory-Making The "Sandman" Video
1-6 Enter Sandman
1-7 Metallica Album Finished!-Metallica Rehearsal-End Credits
2-1 Opening Credits-Going Out On Tour!-The Snake Pit-Backstage: Pre-Show
2-2 Sad But True
2-3 Backstage: After Show-Waking Up Next Morning-Travelin' Band
2-4 For Whom The Bell Tolls
2-5 The Metalliplane-Radio Promo-Meet And Greet Fans
2-6 Enter Sandman
2-7 Music Video Awards-Gimme A Grammy-More With Fans
2-8 Harvester Of Sorrow
2-9 Still Travelin' On The Metalliplane-Larz' Scuba Dive-Jaymz' Duck Hunt-Kirk's Guitar Shop-Jason's Birthday
2-10 Sad But True
2-11 England-Rehearsal With Queen-Metallica Playing For A Good Cause
2-12 Enter Sandman
2-13 Jaymz Jams With Queen-Backstage: Metallica Meets Spinal Tap-The Metallica/Guns Tour-Backstage And Onstage-Hetfield's Disaster-Riot In Montreal-Hetfield Returns
2-14 Nothing Else Matters
2-15 Metallica's Final Thoughts
2-16 Wherever I May Roam
2-17 End Credits

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Part 1
Running time: 96 min. approx.

Hey, check it out. When we heard the demos for our 5th album, we figured that we had the real shit. So we called our video connection, Juliana, and asked her for someone who could cover the making of the record in L.A. and beyond, you know, basically film everything! Enter Adam Dubin and his cohort Vinnie. For 9 plus months, they were there--all day and night (in the way)--letting the cameras run.
Watch and listen as demos become finished, listen to why it really takes us 9 months to complete an album. Meet producer Bob Rock with his sidekick Randy. Listen to Metallica jam on different versions of the new songs. Get it all: Mixing, mastering mistakes, making videos, manufacturing, etc. Find out what we're talking about when we talk about the 'joys of the studio'.
We threw in the first 3 vids we made: the studio based 'Nothing Else Matters,' 'Enter Sandman' and 'The Unforgiven.' We Hope you dig checking out how it all came together. Tune in to Part 2 as we explore the other side of being in Metallica--THE never-ending 2 year tour. To be continued...

Part 2
Running time: 140 min. approx.

So, our 5th album, 'Metallica,' was released in August '91 and immediately we went out touring. First off was the European Monsters with AC/DC, then our own 3 hour 'An evening with...' in the States and Canada, followed by the summer co-headlining stint with Guns N' Roses and finally scheduled to end in late spring '93 with the far East, Australia and South Africa. We played everywhere in every possible way and (hopefully) lived to tell about it.
Once we realized what we had gotten ourselves into, why not show everybody what Metalli-touring is all about. Thus Dubin returned; 'Get all this shit in film!!' Included here are the first 14 months of fun, hell and stupidity, the videos of 'Wherever I May Roam' and 'Sad But True' as well as live performances from Castle Donington, Moscow, our first stadium headlining show (San Francisco's Day on the Green), the Freddie Mercury Tribute at London's Wembly Stadium, MTV's Video Music Awards, the Metallica/Guns tour, and highlights from the Grammys...add in behind-the-scene shit and horrible truths from all of the above and you have a video package which is almost as long as the tour itself. Which is the way it should be. Sit back and enjoy Part 2 of 'A Year and a Half In The Life of Metallica' ain't over yet.

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  • Barcode (Box): 0 8536-40148-3 2
  • Barcode (Part 1): 0 8536-40146-3 4
  • Barcode (Part 2): 0 8536-40147-3 4