Metallica ‎– Live Metal Up Your Ass

Cassette, EP

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A1 Hit The Lights
A2 The Mechanics
A3 Phantom Lord
A4 Jump In The Fire
A5 Motorbreath
A6 No Remorse
B1 Seek & Destroy
B2 Whiplash
B3 Am I Evil?
Written-By [Uncredited] – Brian Tatler, Sean Harris
B4 Metal Militia

Companies, etc.



© 1982
Published by Metallus Maximus Music except for Am I Evil?

(Note: Burton does not play on this tape)

Recorded at the Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA. Nov. 29, 1982

Metallibanger Info: Metallica, 345 W. Riverside Dr., Roseburg, OR. 97470

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October 3, 2019
from some cassette i own, and some extra opinion from people living that era, it seems the band was actually dubbing and selling its own demo tape stuff, sometimes a double cassette of both live and demo, and trading or giving to the radio, so inlay, that was printed black and white on copier, was changing quality. But many came from the band, from megaforce records too, from fans. Age of the cassette and stickers on cassette can help to put a value to the cassette. The older, and stickered, the better


September 26, 2019
Story on Lars and this era. Metallica agreed to allow taping and sharing their shows. When we sold them, they were paid and got a cut of the profits when they started. Lars "used" the BT community to spread their name and sound, and in return, we used our network to spread them worldwide. Lars was happy..UNTIL HE SIGNED to a major label and got RICH!

Once Lars and co. got RICH, their only focus was $, and now his original taper/sharing friends, were Lars enemies! Why? Because Lars wanted ALL THE MONEY on his BT community continuning to sell unofficial recordings! So Lars turned to be a money hungry bitter RICH person, who never had enough $!

Next, NAPSTER and Lars filled charges against free sharing of Metallicas music! Remember? Why? Because Lars DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH MILLIONS back in late 1980s! So Lars turned on his fans, sharing his music and ticked because he didn't get MORE MONEY TO BUY HIS 2nd Airplane and 3rd Million $ home!

So Lars turned on his BT fanbase, who used their music network to promote them from nothing, and screwed everyone who helped him get famous! So he attacked everyone who recorded anything he ever played! Yet a few yrs before, he agreed to allow them to share Metallicas sound and allowed taping every show!

So those "DARK" Metallica days were the backlash of early fans, who Lars shafted, and they turned on him and they stopped promoting them. So for 10 yrs or so, Metallica was forgotten and no one bought them.... So anyone who knows how they started in SF, knows Lars was a little prick, who shafted all his original supporters for $. Talk about disrespect! Buy youngsters today weren't even born and know nothing of their formative yrs, expect when they "read". And much of it is fake, and they will not talk about many of their faults and screwing over their fans...


September 26, 2019
100% BOOTLEG! I personally lived in SF back in 84-86, worked in a local tape Store, and WE PRINTED THEM ON PHOTOCOPIERS! We cut up music mag's photos and names of bands on paper the size of tape cases, taped them down, printed them on bw copiers and cut them to size, and placed them inside the case! I DID IT BACK IN MY YOUNGERS DAYS AND KNOW WHO ALL DID THIS IN MY CIRCLE OF COLLECTORS BACK THEN!!!!


December 8, 2017
If this is a bootleg, why is it listed on discogs? I thought they had to be official releases.


December 4, 2017
QuietOne, I don't understand then. It was made by Metallus Maximus Music, Metallica has reissued No life till leather" the past couple of years so they did originally make some of them I presume and then they were Bootlegged after that? Or did they just make the "no Life till leather' and the "Metal up your Ass" was bootleged?


October 5, 2017
I used to own this exact tape. One of my best friends who introduced me to Metallica back in early 1984 before ride the Lightning came out gave it to me. He was a Metallica fan before they cut Kill'em All, and made me one too. He was totally into the underground metal scene. Anyhow, it is not a bootleg, it is a live show the the band recorded and then put out, just like 'No life till leather" I had a perfect copy, the J card was Mint- and the tape? a great crappy recording in SF.. I didn't know what I had and I let someone borrow it and they never gave it back. that was 30 years ago. I've kicked myself a number of times, I don't know how many were made but it could not have been much. Only problem I see with these now is with a good small printing press, you could copy it quite easy. So Do you know if it's real if you see one? This one looks old but that's about all you have to go on.


February 13, 2016
Can you share some stories about this?
Where did you get it etc.


October 14, 2014
does anyone know if this is actually an official "demo" or is it just a bootleg that some fan created?