Metro 3* ‎– Princess Izumrud

CD, CD-ROM, Album, Stereo


1 Intro 4:57
2 Fire Horse 18:35
3 Skit 1:43
4 Magic Horse 15:09
5 Outro 3:01



It is vain to hold with your firmness the destruction process at the time of crisis. It has got enough momentum and is simply unstoppable. To avoid a conflict in such situation, one needs to find courage to dive into the whirlwind of events, get through it and bring closer the possibility of a new beginning.
Remember that everything matters if you go deep into the black point. Matreshka.

So how do you make the choice, if all alternatives are the same? What do you do if events around you does not provoke any emotions? What do you do if work you go to, food and sleep you get – have only pragmatical value? Where do you go from here? Do you relax and just say: I guess it is time to reassess my reference points? Or do you pick a new random thing to do and dig into its specifics completely? But what if it is a dead end? Are you going to play this amusing game with yourself and others? What for? And why ask these questions at all? Useless! Stupid! And answers are the same! It is time to cut out these thoughts and any excessive self-reflection! It is time to feed them to the dogs! Gun them down! These useless artifacts of our education! These needs of ambitious age of enterprises! Oh my god! Who needs them?

Metro 3