Metta & J.T. Love ‎– Ashengroove / On A Roll

Geek Records ‎– Geek#002
Vinyl, 12"




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October 6, 2007

Its reet good and that!
Seriously folks, this is some of the best electronic music made,
well where to begin? Every week thousands of house tracks are produced and 99% of them dont come close to this mark. Firstly it has been produced for the serious warehouse/nightclub PA and not some retards' bedroom or pimped out astra*, and so it has an effective punchy & melodic bass line and beat on to which builds layer after layer of spooky subtle dark synth melodies (crawling covertly out of the speaker box and into your mind like an army of freaky little alien beings), until the treble synth are dominant and the beat drops out leaving you to appreciate just how complex and genius the melodies are. I listened to and enjoyed this track at defening volume for years and only recently discovered yet another sly little tune tinkling away in the background. Then we get what must be the about the best build up in a track ever and the beat and bass come back, but also the tune is pushed even further by an extra layer of compressed mid-range rhythm and scwechy noises, fan-friggin-tastic!
In short this tune is a masterpiece and i dont think these pair have ever put quite as much effort into a track since, I doubt anyone has, it must have taken years.

*astra: A rubbish car that is bigger and cheaper than other rubbish cars.