Michael Bundt & Peter Seiler ‎– Dreamdancer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Carl Ludwig, Der Traumtänzer



Funky Phill
Auto Verfolgung, Absturz
El Hombre
Beach Dreams
Two Lovers
Carl Ludwig
Beach Dreams
Golden Bells
Zick Soul
Spanish Guitar
Carl Ludwig (Version)
Traumübergang 2


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March 24, 2016
edited about 1 year ago
referencing Dreamdancer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Carl Ludwig, Der Traumtänzer, LP, Album, Ltd, Num, Pin, VAG-03


Cosmic legend Michael Bundt revealed his best kept secret: One of his album productions wasn't released: The soundtrack of german hardcore porn movie which he produced together with Peter Seiler.
Dreamdancer aka "Carl Ludwig, Der Traumtänzer" is a movie production by Michael's father Charly Bundt from 1976. A commissional work for german erotic movie distributor "Beate Uhse".
The movie was banned in the early 1980's and the original tapes were confiscated. They get stored in a government agency archive with all the other banned movies until today.
The film spools made headlines in Germany about one year ago when a private collector claimed against the government agency trying them to surrender a copy of the extremely rare and sought after movie. The private collector surprisingly won the case however the delivery of the footage got refused until now. Trial may went into a 2nd round.

"Carl Ludwig, Der Traumtänzer" aka "Dreamdancer" is a rumour in the movie collector scene. Especially part 2 could be titled as the rarest and most desirable german porn movie collector item. Collectors would pay any price for a copy because it wasn't ever traded before. It's only known from the 1970's cinema release and from advertising on the VHS of part 1.
The "Dreamdancer" soundtrack wasn't released back then and got rediscovered in an recording studio archive in Mannheim in 2015. The tapes included the complete score of part one and two of the movie!
Private investigations that lead to an happy end this time.
The whole porn soundtrack by Michael Bundt & Peter Seiler gets released as part 3 of the "Sex Fever" (Vinyl Of Austria Group Vienna) series in march, 2016.

The movie starring Sigrun Theil, Britt Corvin, Inge Binder along others. Michael Bundt's wife Salamanda shows up in several scenes, too. You may know her from the photo of the Just Landed Cosmic Kid LP artwork or the 7" single „Salamanda's Show“ (released by Blubber Lips, Heidelberg in 1978). Salmanda's voice can be heard also on the Dreamdancer Soundtrack.
Part one and two of the movie were shot at one time. The story in short words: Several writers offering their light fiction story boards to Carl Ludwigs pocketbook publishing agency. Carl slips into the role of the heroes of the novels. He is captured in pornographic fantasies all day and night and trying to stay concentrated at work without luck. In part 2 his mind is drifting to more exotic places. These scenes were shot in Cannes and at the Cote d'Azur. Therefore some of the most beautiful songs have a very balearic, cosmic style.

The flick was written and directed by Charlie Bundt (28.01.28 – 05.03.80). Charlie worked as musican, singer, entertainer and parodist in his early years before he started a career as movie producer.

Selection of his 1970's movies:
1972 Stundenplan einer Verführung (Schedule of a Seduction)
1972 Verführerinnen-Report (Seductresses Report)
1976 Carl Ludwig, der Traumtänzer (Dreamdancer)
1976 Carl Ludwig, der Traumtänzer Teil 2 (Dreamdancer 2)
1978 Die Abenteuer des Sexdiplomaten (The Adventures of the Sexdiplomat)
1979 Italienische Früchtchen (Italian Fruits)
1979 Palmen, Meer und nasse Grotten (Palms, Ocean and wet Grottoes)

Some of the movies are available as DVD or streamable. Dreamdancer is unfortunately a totally impossible to find creation. Marvellous that at least the soundtrack showed up again. Michael notes he is also featured in some of his fathers movies but only as bit-part player/extra.

Charlie and Michael played music together already before Michael's career as professional musician. Now exactly 40 years after the movie project one of Germanys most beloved cosmic musicians is closing the circle of his vintage work with a vinyl album+download that is fated to rule the collections of all cosmic music heads.

This is the story so far. „Dreamdancer“ is an acoustic and also a bridge in the timeline between Michael's times at Nine Days Wonder and his solo carreer. History changed, a new first solo project. Originated in a cooperation with Peter Seiler who also produced the „Just Landed Cosmic Kid“ album from 1977 and who played together with Michael in their band Nerve already in 1975.