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In 1993 Sony Music proposed the release of a Michael Jackson signature series CD, which would be given to customers who purchased a Sony Walkman. Sony did not want to push Michael too hard with the type of content that would feature on the CD, so they proposed two new remixes, one of Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' and one of Billie Jean. Not only this, but the CD would contain the Spanish version of 'I Just Can't Stop Loving You', which was a very rare track at the time.

Also included, and most exciting of all, was a special presentation of the song 'Heal The World', which was the song with voice-overs from Michael describing the 'Heal The World Foundation' and their aims.

Unfortunately, 1993 was a terrible year for Michael...and with the allegations that surfaced this same year, Sony cancelled the Signature Series project. This CD did not even make it past pre-production stages, and a maximum of 50 copies in the world exist. The CD's were only given to Sony execs and people who were working closely on the project.

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June 9, 2013
SMILE South African Promo CD is the rarest...


January 2, 2013

What is the most RAREST promo cd of MICHAEL JACKSON?

It must have super rare cover.

It must have super rare tracks.

And of course,it must official released.




December 21, 2010
edited over 7 years ago

Honesty this is one of the rarest promo cd from Michael Jackson, even though there are only four songs which are heal the world, i just can't stop loving you and two remixes for Billie Jean and wanna be startin somethin. Luckily, the heal the world can be heard in Michael Jackson vision by now from the mv which Michael Jackson decribes the mission of the heal the world foundation. Secondly for I just can't stop loving you which is in Spanish version, a rare song went by the release of Bad in 1987, but nowadays it can be found in Bad special edition, so, it is not too rare unfortunately. Lastly for the remixes of Billie Jean and wanna be starin somethin, the remix of this Billie Jean is even more rarer than other songs in this promo cd as the remix of wanna be starin somethin had been released through the Earth song single in 1997, but no idea why epic didn't release this remix of Billie Jean in any compilation from Michael Jackson, it is the best remix that I had ever heard before.
To conclude, if you are really a super Michael Jackson fan like me, then you may interested on this cd, as this promo cd is a "MUST HAVE" for every single super Michael Jackson fan. But if you are only willing to listen to Michael Jackson songs then I will not recommend for you, you can just download or listen them through Internet, also this promo cd only contains four songs and this may led you have less interest on it. This cd has been a collectible for ONLY any super Michael Jackson fan in the world. This promo cd is rarely hard to find, only depends on your luck.