Michael Perilstein ‎– Where Evil Lives (Original Film Score)

T.E.C. Tones ‎– ED25, Episode Records (2) ‎– ED25
CD, Album


1 Unreal Estate (Where Evil Lives Opening Theme)
2 Sadly Serene, Still Quite Insane, Slowly Suggesting Some Some ...
3 Dancing As The Music Plays While The Crazy Killer Slays
4 Flashback Before The Attack
5 Hubert's Hellish Hallucinations
6 Evil's In Her Pants, But Will She Find Romance?
7 Midnight Date Or Masterbate?
8 Exploring The Inside (There's No Place To Hide)
9 Evil In A Dream, Or Just A Wicked Scheme?
10 Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before
11 Body Piercing--Vampire Style
12 Getting The Garlic And Vexing The Vampire
13 Resisting The Irresistable
14 Nothing Is Strange Because 'Nothing' Doesn't Exist
15 Vampires Suck
16 Motor-Psycho
17 He's At The End Of His Rope
18 Involuntary Organ Donor
19 Night On The Bald Docktor
20 A Car Explodes Thereby Eliminiating A Psychopath
21 Dishing The Dirt; When You're Dead, It Can't Hurt
22 Evil Dwells In Many Placees As In Heads With Empty Spaces (End Theme)
23 [Untitled Track]